Harvest info for a newbie

Hey, so I was wondering, since I’m about 3-4 weeks from harvest, what items do I need for that process? Keep in mind I’m a newbie so I never bought much for the end stage sense I was stocking up on the front end.

Strain: NL Auto (RQS)
Medium: Coco+perlite
Light: MH TS1000
Environment: 2x2x4 tent with 4" inline
Dehumidifier added after flower stage began
Week: 7 from sprout + 3 of flower

You got some pictures of the girls?

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Great looking girls you got! You’re more than 4 weeks away though, more around 6.

You’ll need wide mouth quart size Mason jars. Pruning scissors, a few of them, gloves, rubbing alcohol for the scissors, razor blade to get the THC resien off the scissors, you should smoke that! Humidifier monitor for the jars.

Am sure I missed a few things…


Thanks, I was thinking of those… except extra sheers😬 the monitors are BIG.

mini hygrometer for
you may have to toss 1 or 2 because of bad RH reading. Still cheap nonetheless


I use one or two small hygrometers to do spot checks, and Boveda humidity packs (62%) in each jar. A jar holds about an ounce of properly dried flower, and the packs are good for about an ounce also. So–my theory is that the humidity for the jars in a single harvest are going to be similar, and the digital monitor just lets me confirm. Add a tab of tape to the top of the meter so you can easily get it back out without going fishing. Get shears with really long sharp points–lets you get reach in to trim sugar leaves at the stem if you like. Here are a couple of links for ya:

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From where?


What size jar?

I’m also going to suggest this to aid in the finished flower: bud wash

As stated you have more like 6 weeks to go: a good thing because they will be amazingly fat.


Yeah, sorry–wide mouth quart mason jars hold about an ounce. You can also get plastic caps for them at the same store, instead of using the two-piece rings/lids that are used for canning. Nice plants by the way!


P.S. Here’s a great article on harvest/dry/cure–it’s where I heard about the boveda and hygrometer I linked to. Breaks it down well!

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She is such a beauty!

I’m new too, having only done one grow of one plant. I dried mine hanging in my tent with a couple of Boveda humidifiers for a couple of weeks.

I regret that I did not do more wet pruning. The buds in my jars had way more stems and leaves than I would ever accept if I was buying. The sugar leaf on my first grow was super sticky and it still smokes OK, but would have been much better with more separation from the bud and used in butter / tincture etc.

Also, I second the idea of alcohol for resin when trimming. We probably lost a lot by pruning and storing for curing when we were high. No gloves, our fingers were sticky and we did not capture the good stuff we could have. Live and learn.


Try doing that with 6 plants, each 5 or more feet tall? You learn to stagger your harvest in a hurry haha.

There are growers here that have to use Orange 5 gallon buckets (Homers) to store their flower.


Amazon. about $2-3 each and guaranteed not to last a lifetime.

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I don’t need another FT job🤣

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Maybe there was a waiting period b4c you could post your own? I can’t remember if that was here but maybe. Also, search “how to post a new topic” up above :+1:t5: