Harvest in the morning or evening?

When is it best to harvest? Is it in the morning or in the evening? Does it make any difference?
Thanks for letting me know. @tomba

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I’ve never thought about it. Are you growing outside if not it doesn’t seem to me that it would matter.

Outdoors @Bulldognuts

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I’m a indoor grower. Just found your question interesting. There’s a outdoor grower here that was posting about planting and harvesting by full moons and such. Can’t remember who it was. Sorry I couldn’t help. Good Luck with your grow.

I don’t really know the slightest thing about growing outdoors, but I always try to harvest my plants after dark period.


Thanks anyway i used to grow indoor but been growing outdoor for a while.

I count it great, when one can grow outside. Yeah the Ladies doing great.

Got the Seeds from ILGM! They are fantastic. Outdoors but i bet they are the same indoors.

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I think it’s probably the same for outdoors. I was thinking after a decent night and when the Buds are dry. I myself always think, that the flowers look more attractive in the morning. Like the chomosons ( the Chrystal’s)
And the pistons .

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I know from experience the new moon is the time to sow seeds and does make a difference in germination, seedling vigour and servival rates.

That said as for harvesting when it’s time, it’s time and that can take days depending on the scale of the plantations.

When I grew outdoors guerrilla style, I always harvested before first light. I would hike up in the mountains very early in the morning and was back home before first light and had them hung in a dark shed. Of course back then, I would yank the whole plant and hike out and hang the entire plant upside down but, that’s just the way I used to do it :v:



The best time to harvest, is early morning or just before dark.
The less light the better off you’ll be. Light will degrade your harvest. So keep what you harvest in the dark.
I hope this helps. If you need anything else, please feel free to ask… ok?

B Safe


Thanks to you all.

And it does help me. I just wanted some other people’s answers. To see how you guys doing it. :call_me_hand:

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I would always harvest early morning, was told by OG veteran growers that was peak time for the plant in terpenes.

From what I understand, harvesting 3-5 hours after lights out is best (or sunset) for clean tasting bud. It’s at this time everything is sent down to the roots. Just before, or after lights on, the plant begins redistributing back up to the leaves.

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