Harvest in mid-late October?

Hi guys. I live in western NY and have three potted outdoor plants. The buds are looking good and fattening up. When should I start to harvest? Few people I work with said mid to late October or after a few frosts.

what does the trichomes look like?


similar climate, mine started flowering approx august 15 and they look like they need 1-3 weeks depending on the strain . if you are in pots and can move them inside for frost nights that is ideal.

so I would guess 2nd to third week in October for you too ,
post some pics of the buds may be helpful and plenty of good info on when to harvest.

growing outdoors it seems frosts and rain and bud rot can lead to harvesting earlier than ideal


Yeah I’ll take pics of them when it gets lighter outside. I always put our standup yard umbrella over them if there’s a chance of rain. Today, I am going to buy a jewelers loop to get a closer look at the trichomes. Couple days ago I trimmed off the big fan leaves. Couple months ago I dealt with a caterpillar issue with the forming buds. But I got that under control.

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My wife wouldn’t like the smell of the plants if I bring them inside. I got them as clones when they were like a few weeks old (4 inches tall) and I kept them in basement and she was getting annoyed of the stench even then, walking in the door. She likes to smoke it, I’m more of an edible guy. Not everyday. We’ve discussed where I should hang them to dry, agreed on the attic. I’ve covered the windows with cardboard. But if the smell radiates down into our toddlers room, I will be forced to move them to our shed outside to finish the drying process. I would have to put a small space heater in it tho and keep it on a timer because 60-70 degrees F is ideal

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Moved my plants into the sun room as it is getting cold here in MN. I am using natural sun and grow lights now. Tricromes are clear and the buds still seem to be growing.

Wondering if i should move my plants into a grow tent to finish or just leave them as is.

Just starting and was trying a outdoor grow first before i attempt indoor grow temp over the winter.

If you expect frost, just grab a garden hose and water the ground around your plants. Also, if you can throw a bed sheet gently over the plants that can be helpful, but its best if you can make some quick tent that wont fall over.
You could also just place em in a shed or garage.

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Newby here. I have one plant outside in the ground, given to me as a start from a friend. Don’t know what it is, but some have guessed it’s an auto flower. I live in NW Northern MI, near a big lake which gives some buffer until it doesn’t (on Lake Charlevoix, and 14 miles from Lake Michigan). Last week we had a few days of 70’s, high 60’s, a few days of wet, rainy cold. Tonight and tomorrow night are going to be very cold nights with clear skies, going down to 32 for a couple hours at dawn. Daytime forecast is eventually warming to high 50’s tomorrow (Monday), and to nearly 70 on Tuesday. Then it’s going full on into cold, wet, Fall transitioning to winter.

So do I cut it today, or cover it with plastic to eke out two more days?

More than 70% 80% of the pistils are brown, curled outside the flower. To my untrained eye, most of the trichomes are cloudy, some just getting there. Thanks in advance for your wisdom.

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Sure, you would be better off to cut a it early than to potentially rot your bud, it sounds close anyways?

I have 4 left in pots. I put them in the garage at night and when its raining. Im also in the Northeast, they have about a week to go.