Harvest Help Please

Any help/advice please…!!
Can someone take a look at these photos and let me know what to do. Plant looks like it’s getting tired but don’t want to cut too soon.
Thank you


they look clear / cloudy, 1 more week or so. you want mostly cloudy for a head high.


One more

Give it another week or so. Definitely stop nutes & start flushing. If you want to split/drill the stem, maybe do it Friday?

Can you explain “split/drill the stem”? Thank you

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Some people believe that if you stick something in the stem, such as a nail or stick that it will increase resin production by stressing the plant. But there is zero science behind it to back up the claim and imo I think it’s a myth and have read enough articles to back up my thoughts on it. But to each his own

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In your opinion you think it’s a myth. Have you tried it? I, personally, only comment on things I have first hand experience trying (or first hand experience failing at while trying. Lol!).

Certain stresses near the end of the plant’s life fool it into thinking it needs to protect itself by forming more resin glands (trichs), which the plant uses to protect itself from environmental stresses.

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Like I said there is absolutely zero science to back it. Please post some. The only thing I can find is postings fro. 10+ years ago. Do you even know how it started? Originally it started as a rusty nail because people thought the iron oxide did something to the plant. It would be in the same boat as people boiling their root as before harvest, putting ice in their roots. There’s all kinds of em. And yes I have tried it and seen no effect.

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Either way, like I said it it works for you, go for it. I dont believe in harming the plant at a pivotal time before harvest.

We’ll I use the rusty screw to hang the plant with, so if it doesn’t produce more trich then at least it serves a purpose. I also find putting it under a weak light (25w) led during the last week causes stress and speeds up amber/deterioration.

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How would putting it under a weak light affect it if I’m already using LED grow lights? Do you use HPS as your main light? Genuinely interested. Sorry if I came off strong

I have 2 600w full spectrum led going in the tent. I moved a plant out due to lack off space and put a 25w led on it to keep it going…waiting for amber in the tricomes. I was surprised to see I got more tricomes and it went to amber right away. Since then I experimented with identical clones. Kept one in tent and put one under 25w led once the pistals turned brown. The one under weak light finished faster. My theory is that the plant thinks winter is coming as light is less strong in winter so it hurrys the process.

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