Harvest help PLEASE!

Hey guys and girls, I have 3 plants going right now and they are all pretty close to harvest I believe. My question is that a lot of the fan leaves are turning yellow and falling off and the trichromes are mostly all milky but quite a few of the buds are still shooting white pistils. Is this normal and is it ok to harvest with some buds having white pistils still?? Please any info or help is greatly appreciated.


Try trimming your buds, especially top one’s that have red hairs and milky trichmes first , in my experience, it gives you good bud to smoke , and more sunlight to your lower buds. If you still have warm weather expected for a a few weeks, then give her a little potassium boost.You’ll still get big buds and more of them.

Yes this is normal, as the plant flowers it developes more and more buds sites and they take time to mature.


The pistils are not very good indicators. They tell you to start looking at the trichomes with a 60x magnifier. Don’t harvest until at least 20% are amber. My NL plant has lots of dark pistils but the trichomes say it’s not ready yet.

Be patient.

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Yes different parts of the plant may mature at different rates. Also the yellowing is normal as your girls are basically pulling out every nutrient from the leaves to send to the buds. (Remember she thinks she is dying and wants to do everything she can to get pollinated).

can someone help me plz?
its my first grow… and i dont know if my buds are ready or not… pistils are amber but trichomes look white still…

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Pistils can be brown or red for a very long time and the trichomes will still be white. My Northern Lights plants is doing that and adding new buds like crazy. Not smart to stop it while it’s still adding buds! Be patient unless you see bud rot or get a frost.


Thank you :slight_smile: