Harvest help for 1st timer

Hello,Im a 1st time grower with donated seeds. Im into week 11 of my grow,and Im not surewhen i should harvest.I have no idea what the straims are, i just feel as though Im getting close to harvest time.
Any help would be appreciated.
Pictures attached.


Too many strains to tell just by looks. Yours looks great though! Look at the trichomes on the buds to gauge your harvest time. Clear, not ready. Cloudy, peak THC. Amber, sedative/narcotic effect. Most go for a combo of mostly cloudy and a touch of amber.


Thank you,I bought a handheld microscope and am keeping an eye on the tricromes

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Plant looks great! The painted nails looks like she is pushing the limits of nutrient uptake. Just at a glance, I see it is still throwing out white pistils. Looks like you are in the middle of the fattening up stage. It will seem agonizingly slow but wait and watch those buds swell.
If you are feeding and if you can, I would cut back a bit on the nitrogen and up the phosphorous and potassium. (less N more P+K)


Yes and this picture from forum contributor @Spiney_norman will clue you in (YouTube video)

Good harvest, but how are you going to cure?


Just remember that video is for CBD producing plants.
CBD is at its peak when you have about 10% clear trichomes and no amber at all.
If you are growing for THC which most growers here are, then the criteria is different.