Harvest help flush help

On two of my plant the tricom are looking cloudy but only on half. the buds on the the other half have none yet. How would I harvest or now when to start flush. Very confused any help would be great.

White widow autos

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I know for sure that with Photoperiods, you can stagger the harvest. You cut down the branches as they ripen to your liking.
I am not sure if it would be the same for autos… surely @blackthumbbetty, @Deusoboy420 and @imSICKkid could answer that. Many other knowlegeable growers here, but these I know for sure are working magic (imo) with their autos…

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How about pictures of the whole plant in natural light? One overall shot of a cola and then trichome shots of flower, not sugar leaves.

Leaves mature more quickly than flower. Always take samples from a calyx.

If you want to do a staggered harvest you can although mixed on whether you get a huge improvement.


Id give it time honestly like @Myfriendis410 the trichs on leaves mature much faster i still see white pistils and some clear trichs id wait 5-7 days and check the top and mid canopy the tops will mature earlier than the mid or lower canopy as well i harvest autos when the mid canopy has NO cloudy 85-90% milky 10-15% amber tops are usually 20-25% amber bottoms should be full milky no clears at all


Just my personal perspective

I will got Moore pics, this is my first grow so bear with me what is the calyx?

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Would i still do a flush if I was to do stages of harvest When ready

Here’s a cheet sheet for you :

This one might be clearer :


Here are some pics in natural light


On some of my larger buds the pistols are starting to brown out just don’t want to screw anything up

If you want to really check properly look about the middle of the plant. The tops will finish faster as they have access to the most light.

I do look at the top but it’s not the spot I use to determine if the plant is ready or not. The middle does for me.

And you still have a big chunk of time to go before they are ready. I would t be surprised if it will take another 2 weeks or more before you are ready to harvest. Way to many white colored pistils and they haven’t grown into the flowers yet.


First off you can relax; that plant is nowhere near ready (a good thing). When exactly did you flip to 12/12 if a photo or when you first started to see pistils if auto?

Typically from the flip to 12/12 you need 10 to 20 days for the plant to transition into flower. First pistils is day 1 of flower. White Widow for example is a 65 day flowering plant. This one looks to be more like 4 weeks or so in.

As shown; the calyx is the actual flower structure and trichome samples should be taken from that location. I clip a small sample and bring it inside where I can really look it over and take stable pics. You don’t need more than a speck.


Those plants have a ways to go man i wait until almost ALL pistils/hairs are red/orange/brown and the calyx begin to swell and pull them in then i check trichomes those buds have a TON OF WEIGHT to gain brotha and they look healthy

Id flush til.the runoff is at your desired ph wait a day feed at the proper ph and keep on truckin brotha but thats just me

Definitely a lot more time. 3 weeks or more. You want to look closer to this:


Everyone is awesome thank you so much I’ll look at my notes and see when first pistoles started.

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No you don’t! You want it to look EXACTLY like that haha!

That’s a BOM contender there, dude.


Too bad it was a clone from Sirsmokes he’s not far from me… :grin::wink: but really do appreciate the compliment… @Myfriendis410

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I did my flush tonight with fox farm sledgehammer,and checked my notes they are at 35 days since first pistol
After my flush I checked the ph run off and it was 7.0 I flush and water at around 6.5 should i lower that because of the run off ph at 7.0

I have 2 WW autos that did the same thing. I thought I would have to do a staged harvest. Turns out, the side that was more advanced (cloudy trics) stopped developing any further. It seems it’s waiting for the other side of the plant to catch up perhaps, or all the energy is going into the less developed side.

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