Harvest GG4 or wait a little longer

Trying to decide should I harvest my GG4 autoflower

More pictures

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No way close to harvest … how old are they

I figured that, its just all them orange hairs making me nervous. Its 56 days in flowering


Long way to go. Let that gg bulk up. She will get like this.


@trobers4 definitely wait, shes only halfway or a lil more there, heres my last gg4 auto


Dang @goldiemouth270, not to be untoward, but how much did she weigh after it was all said and done? Sweet looking!!

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How long did you flower her? I’ve got a GG auto that is around 11 days into flower, and it doesn’t seem to want to take off yet.

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Oh wow, nice girl. Do you use the molasses regimen? just started, saw and smelled a difference first day.

Oh my, you guys have turned my nervousness to anxiousness now. Your girls are so beautiful, really giving me something to look forward to. This is my first grow too.

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Let her do her thang, crucial though keep that humidty around 30 and lighting 18/6, for autos. She gone take off, they start slow, and temp round 20 - 25 cel.

just under a half lb

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12 weeks flower

Did your GG always droop before lights out. Mine always gets droopy a couple hours before lights out (18/6), and after I water it, it droops pretty badly, but snaps back after it’s 6 hours of sleep. Never had a plant react like this one.


all my plants do this

That’s good to hear. I didn’t know what to do different.

My plant has never drooped.

I’ve got a photo and an auto in the same tent. The photo never does, but the auto does a couple hours before lights out every night. I’ve even lowered the intensity to see if that would stop it, and it does not.

Sounds like over watering. I water mine at the beginning of lights on, on watering day, and only four 16.9 fl. oz bottles. Thats about 2 liters every 4th day, there is 2 days between my watering. I keep her on 18/6, from transplant to now no drooping ever. Then again it could also be your demographics.

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@trobers4 how much run off water do you get from 2L ?