Harvest Estimate

Awesome to hear. That means they love it. Keep up the good work, and they’ll keep on growing.

Indeed, indeed!

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out of curiosity, did u order yours from Amazon.?
i bought mine 20 yrs ago and it has worked perfectly for moisture and candle power.!!

No, I never ordered one because I know they’re worthless.
You want a light meter that works, get one of these:

Our Best Selling Apogee PAR Meter, The MQ 500 Full Spectrum Quantum Meter, Highly Accurate for LED, Lightweight, Waterproof.


Or a cheaper one:
Hydrofarm LGBQM Quantum PAR Meter Micromol Sensor


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your experience with these meters has changed my view.! LOL.!!

there r better quantum meters for getting PAR readings, but for $20 or less u can’t beet the dual purpose, cheap moisture/light meter.!!

cry all u want about what is perfect, but even a piece of paper is better then nothing.!

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Well, at least I didn’t waste my $20 on something that doesn’t work for beans.

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i have helped a hundred or more noobie soil growers out with this purchase,
it helped ALL of them, but if u think it is junk do not buy one,
good luck with your Amazon equipment, hope it serves u well.!! lol

@SlowOldGuy Considering ILGM profits from amazon due to their partnership, I’m not sure why you have a stiffy for amazon. I would tread lightly on that subject. There’s an abundance of quality equipment for growing. If you know where to look. It’s just like any other store, and they offer a slightly lower quality budgeted version of many things. Its up to you as a buyer to distinguish what you think may be quality and some that might not be.
I have purchased many things from amazon and have not had a single issue except one. That item they never shipped. (It was 3/4” 500 ft of oxygen sealed pex pipe for hydronic heating) unrelated to growing, but it was just my experience.
If you think they sell junk LED’s, you’re only partially correct here. They sell affordable options, for many growers the DIY lighting is out of reach, or their budget doesn’t allow. It’ll grow, but not the same as a QB board by any means. You get what you pay for.

As far as helping growers I have no problem with your assistance to others, but a “one comment end all solution” isn’t the answer to everything. There are many different ways to offer advice and equipment. If you think your $20 light meter is going to beat the other two light meters I linked you’re mistaken. Please be considerate to other forum memebers when posting, as there may be more than one solution or option to get something done, not just what you suggest.
I’m in no way a superior grower to anyone, I learn every day, just like anyone on this forum. I’m only human and I make mistakes. I’m sure if you followed my grow journal you’d see that I’m honest where I screwed up.


Amazon, Dealzer, and aliexpress are the only current vendors approved for linking here. It’s not about money or profits, just simply following forum policy. Due to the nature of the site sponsors business, it’s important that vendors be vetted as to not advertising for competitors. You don’t have to like it, just understand that’s where we’re at with it.

My issue with the meters in question is that they’re not calibrated to measure different types of light sources. They’re weighted to light as determined by eye, which doesn’t help our plants. For those using a blurple planel it doesn’t translate radiometric energy to any reference point. There are conversion factors for specific cct white light lux to par, but no accurate conversions from a blurple reading at lux, foot candles, or anything else to par. For that reason, I also suggest saving the $20 and spending it on something more useful.


And let’s all try to be respectful of each other. We’re here for the same thing.


So The ladies did indeed like the light adjustment and are reaching insanely tall but filling out very thickly by the day. The Cob led is supplying the missing elements from the King LEd’s which have by the way been most excellent for the cost. Flawless!

I can totally appreciate the experience and advise of all you folks. We are all quite passionate about our hobby/craft. I was merely looking for a rough estimate of what one can get under favorable circumstances with what you see. It’s my first time grow. Started November 25, following all specs. the best I can.

This is only 4 plants:

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…Still have 6-7 weeks left

@omegayak, You are looking good for your first grow! Shoot, Get on down!