Harvest Estimate

These lively ladies are 2 1/2 weeks after the switch to 12/12 lighting. No problems that I’ve noticed or can tell. Sometimes they smell righteous some times not at all.

Using DWC bubblers in 5 gallon buckets with plenty of light. Using no extra’s like co2, etc. What kind of weight should I expect from these ladies based on yall’s experience from this example of grow at this stage.

Also, is it normal for the new leaf growth around the buds/flowers to claw or sag downward while the rest of the plant reaches upward, as in my pic?

Any other tips or observations please welcome!


You really can’t make a good guess till they have filled out about the 8th week is when I can get a idea but waiting for them to fully fill out is when you get a really good ideas so what ever weight you want multiply by 4 so you want a qp dried and cured you need a pound wet.
After you harvest and trim weight your wet buds say you got 25oz divide by 4 gives you 6.25 oz that is at 25% and then divide the 25 by 5 and that gives you 5oz at 20%
So now you have a low number and a high number to help gauge your growing techniques to get your weight up or down and if you beat both numbers take notes and see if you can beat it next time. Hope this gives you a better idea


They look nice and healthy! They like what ever your doing so far.


size of grow room and brand/type/wattage of light (actual watts used).?

Thanks ThcinKC that was a great description.

4’ W 9’ L 10’ H

1 CobLED 250 actual watt
2 KingLED 280 actuakl watt each
30" above

recommended nutrient doseage: average 1200 ppm (bloom cycle) lower nitrogen/higher phos. etc.

good air circulation

ambient temp: average 70 F
PH average 5.8

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that is enough light to cover 16-20 sq ft, 4x9 = 36 sq ft,
if u keep them on one sideof the room, 4x4 or 4x5 area, and get the lights a little closer,
u could see 1 - 2 pounds.! (450-900g)


that is enough light to cover 16-20 sq ft, 4x9 = 36 sq ft,
if u keep them on one sideof the room, 4x4 or 4x5 area, and get the lights a little closer,
u could see 1 - 2 pounds.! (450-900g)

Wow! so instead of above them I should put the light rig on the side , facing sideways onto the plants?

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I’m guessing a pound and half how many weeks left

6-7 weeks left

the light rig

no, do not try side lighting the plants with your rig,
what a monstrosity.! lol

my measurements were wrong, with that set up u want to cover a 2x8 or 2x9 area,
those lights could probably be placed different for better coverage,
do u have a light meter of any sort.?

lol, a monstrosity… it is working relatively well. Had to get light up couldn’t touch walls/ceiling.

No light meter.

The plants footprint is approx 3’x5’
the previous mentioned dimensions are the room size

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looks like the 2 Blurple Kings r not being maxed out,
these lights would do better placed horizontal shining down on the cannopy,
angled like they r is wating some light across the canopy instead of on it.!

get a cheap light/moisture meter, $20 or less, get one from a store, Amazon has been shipping bad meters.!
this meter will not tell u light efficiency but it will give u an idea of coverage.!
getting an even spread over the 3x5 area will increase yields.!

thanks so much bro. But as is, is this still shaping up to be a good crop?

like Bat said, they look great.!
my only concern right now would be the Blurple lights not being enough in mid flower.
i would try to maximize all the light from your fixtures.!
u can use a piece of cardboard to gauge your light coverage,
hold it 18"-12" (45-60cm) below the lights, move it around the canopy area and try to judge the bright spots and not as bright spots, adjust your fixtures accordingly,
this is pretty primitive but can help with light coverage.!

i would bet that the rack system u r using for the lights is not providing good light spread across your 3x5 area…???
probably need to move the Blurples toward the center some and down some…???

if it helps, your lights r designed to cover 2’ x 2’ or 2’ x 2.5’ areas,
your rig would cover a 2’ x 8’ (i’d aim for 2x7) or 2.5’ x 6’

I really appreciate the advise. I’m reassessing the lights today.

Another issue, and a should probably put it in another topic. But this is the recent development:

fan leaves healthy and upturned but new leaves around flowers are clawing down. Mostly on one plant but others exhibit to varying degrees. Any ideas?

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…a better example

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@SlowOldGuy these meters are worthless. Not only do they not properly sense light, they’re terrible at sensing proper moisture levels. @omegayak

SlowOldGuy does have a point about the angle mounted lights. You’re are losing some of your par to the sides. They would be more effective if they were lowered a bit, and aimed straight down. Just strategically place them for adequate coverage across your entire canopy.

Concerning you’re original question in your post how much will it yield?
The best answer I can give is nobody really knows. Some strains produce more than others, we also don’t know the temperatures you’re growing in, or the nutrients.
Everyone’s set up is different, and there’s too many environmental factors at play to give an accurate number. If you grew these before, you’d know approximately how much you would get from clones on about the 2nd to third grow. The longer you run a certain plant, and know your environmental conditions the better you’ll be at guesstimating your yield.
Sorry I couldn’t provide you with a better answer.


Thanks, Covertgrower. That is a great honest answer. I’ve modified the rig since slowoldguy’s advise so that the lights are directly over and the light spread is fantastic. The ladies are reaching upward exaggeratedly.