Harvest estimate please! :)

Hello, I have 3 different plants and I think I am 1-2 weeks away from the chop, but would just like to check with you more experienced guys and gals.

One other thing, is the AK-47 suffering light/heat damage to be creating more bud at the top like that, or is it just normal bud growth? It’s slightly taller than the other two is why I ask.

PS: There should be pretty good zoom on these…

Bubble Gum:

White Widow:



IMGP2343 IMGP2344

Thank you kindly! :slight_smile:


I think you have more like 2 to 3 weeks. The Bubblegum just looks like a color phase reaction to the light. I’ve seen it on other strains (GSC-X comes to mind). Should not be a problem.

The WW is still actively stacking flowers as shown by the white pistils. When 80% or more have gone red on you it’s time to flush.

The AK is foxtailing like crazy which in your case is fine. Just watch for lone skinny fingers of flower pushing out of the cola: those are less desirable. But right now it’s building bulk too so let em run.

Can you provide more details of your setup? Lights, tent size, age of plants etc. What soil, nutes?

You are also showing deficiencies but this is pretty normal for later flower. If you haven’t been giving them additional P and K you might run some Liquid Koolbloom or equivalent for a week or so…Just a thought.


status of trichomes is the determining factor


My tent is 75cm x 75cm x 200cm.
Using my own build 200W LED with samsung SI-B8U261560WW strips.

They were all planted in the first week of april, so around 15 weeks old (WW is 16 weeks).
I believe they have been flowering for around 8 weeks, I switched them in the last week of May.

Using Coco Coir with GH nutes. Currently they are on 1.5ml Micro, 0ml Grow, 4ml Bloom, and 2ml of a Cal-Mag supplement. 5 Gallon fabric pots all round.

Currently trying to keep the humidity between 30% and 45% with a dehumidifier, sadly that’s raising temps a bit. Ahh, a constant struggle!

I’ve had some deficiency issues from the beginning, but it’s my first grow so I’ll know better for next time…I’m just happy we are all making it to the finish line with what looks to me like healthy buds! :slight_smile:

Anything I should know about the fox-tailing, or will it resolve itself in time?


Congratulations on your first grow nice buds. After blowing pictures up and taking a look I agree where’s @Myfriendis410. More like 2 to 3 weeks. You’re almost there . Those buds will swell up quite a bit in the next 2 to 3 weeks. Good luck finishing.


Just watch for it to throw out a spindly stalk and you can simply trim it off. You might not get any but it’s kind of posturing like it will.

Coco probably only needs 4 or 5 days of water at the end and would advise you to harvest from a dark period or give the plants 24 to 48 hours of darkness prior to harvest: this allows the salts in the canopy to migrate to the roots. You want to chop before photosynthesis resumes.

Other than that it looks like you are being very conscientious. Now for some extra patience haha.


Thank you! :slight_smile: very cool info here. Now to hang in there for another few weeks!


I think @Myfriendis410 has you covered. You are probably late enough in grow that I would drop the calmag. I’m guessing by looking at your light build you added that to combat your deficiency? It’s common anyway… but 8 weeks into flower demand for nitrogen and calcium is way down in most cases.


I switched from an 800W Chinese LED to this one due to the advice of a couple of other forum members, the general consensus being that the 800W would be underpowered for my grow space.

I’ll cut the Cal-Mag by half this week, then drop it completely next week. Thanks @dbrn32 :slight_smile:

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Good catch my friend!


I get one here and there, figure that’s why they keep me around haha


So it’s almost 2 weeks since I first posted. The WW and BG are still not ready, the trichomes are all white, but this AK it’s starting to look very close all of a sudden, so I would like some advice :smiley: I think I should wait another few days.

WW - Leaves are nearly all yellow, but still some green. still the healthiest plant of the bunch.

BG - Hardly any green left, the tips of the leaves are turning nasty brown, curling a lot, and are super dry/crunchy to touch. I took most of the dead leaves off. There was a LOT. It’s still OK to keep going like this, or will it risk spreading to the buds?

AK - Leaves have been curling like a claw for a long time and are super purply, I think too much heat due to this warm summer, but since it’s nearly ready to harvest I’m not as worried :slight_smile:

Any advice welcome please @Myfriendis410 @dbrn32 @kellydans

Super high-res snaps for your zooming pleasure…

White Widow

Bubble Gum


Thanks as always :slight_smile:


They’re both really close. The AK more so than the WW. You are getting some foxtails on the AK in a manner that tells me she’s likely ready. You should be on your flush now IMO.


White Widow trichomes are still all white that I can see, same as the Bubble Gum. My last nutes was yesterday so I will start the AK on a flush from now :slight_smile:

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FYI some plants never develop amber, just cloudy: which is mature BTW. You can also harvest in steps; taking the most mature tops and allowing the rest to develop.


Ah interesting. Allow me to show you the other 2 up close then, hopefully they aren’t past their date!

What you think?

White Widow:

Bubble Gum:


I think both could go longer but it would be nice if you had a loupe or pocket microscope to review trichomes.

@MattyBear, what do you think?


Ah, I only have a 20x loupe handy. Will have to see if I can buy another, then stick my phone camera in it. This dslr lens isn’t great for macro :confused: you can still zoom pretty far though :slight_smile:


If you put up only one photo in a post we can do a ‘superzoom’.


What do you mean? On the DSLR images? You should be able to right click and open in new tab, or there is a download button for me? I can zoom for days on these images :slight_smile: