Harvest different

Has anyone tried harvesting from the top down like a section at a time while the bottom gets ripe?

There are some who harvest like that. The lower buds will fill out a little more.


Really? I was kinda figuring that with common sense the remainder of the plant would keep doing it’s thing and you can partly start to harvest. Do you know of any downsides to it?

It’s called staged harvesting. I watched a video where a commercial grower uses this method for his large outdoor plants. The tops usually ripen first and if you harvest them you can let the lower buds mature just like @tanlover442 said. The only downside is you prolong your grow. My plants are grown indoor and don’t get that big so I just take the whole thing at once.

Usually the first buds off, for me, are the small -not gonna get big popcorn buds.
Gives me some idea of how it will turn out and frees up more resources for the plant to make flowers…bigger flowers. Then I take the tops first and let the lower levels go as far as possible. We all have a favorite way of doing it.

Awesome feedback y’all. This really helps me. I’m a indoor grower as well. I just have quite a bit of lower level small buds. That I just don’t want to see go to waste. I usually keep them for myself and sell the bigger ones to my customers.