Harvest Day - Yea! Strawberry Cough Autoflowers and Photoperiods together

Finally reached harvest day with 5%-10% amber trichomes, even though the pistil hair color change was 20% and under on all three plants. :upside_down_face:

Using the grow room as a drying room with 2 humidifiers and a space heater if it gets cold, but it probably won’t. So far after 4 hours, the humidity is stable around 50% and temp around 75 F since the light is now off for the next week or so.

I was going to dry them in a grow tent, but it’s too small and a humidifier would make it way too humid I’m sure, since it’s a 4’x2’x4’ small grow tent.

The colas came together right at the last week with several at 12" length and 3" width (that’s what she said). One of the two autoflowers was mostly a waste, but trimmed it for shake I guess.

I think everything is good - anything I’m missing? Planning on a 7-10 day dry and have mason jars with Boveda packs ready to go.

The purple photoperiod really got purple right at the end. :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:






Grow started on 11/01, ended tonight on 3/01 - two were autoflower Strawberry Cough and two were photoperiod Strawberry Cough. Light cycle was changed when the autoflowers began to show white pistils.

The photos were definitely more dense, and one autoflower was mostly a failure at producing any density in the flowering stage.

Thank you to everyone on ILGM for all the answers throughout the last 4 months!!!

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Congratulations on your harvest

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Looks great :+1: congratulations


Bet it smells great in there :+1: nice work man.
I’ve read around here not to use those boveda packs till after your cure. I think, but I’ve been sponging so much here it’s all kinda mushing together :thinking:


Very nice grow… :rofl: :bat:

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Congrats on the harvest! Great job on the grow!

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Congrats on the harvest! Remember long, slow dry. 60/60 temp/rh. Good job!!! Buds look tasty!


Happy Harvest!


Congrats on the harvest! I just finished trimming some Strawberry Cough myself, man is it tasty already! Cant wait to try it after a proper cure.

If you don’t need to heat the room for a different reason, I’d go ahead and let it get cold in there. It will take longer to dry but you want that. Cooler temps preserve more of the terps.

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I’ve got 70-73 F and 50%-52% RH. Close enough right? I don’t have a portable A/C yet, will get one in a few weeks for the next grow I think.

It’ll do, but you’re gonna have a quick dry with those numbers.

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Ok, I can jack up the RH to 60%.

I have one small fan and a ceiling fan on high right now. Just got a oscillating fan today, is that overkill, I’ve read to not point the fan directly at the hanging stems? Don’t want mold for sure.