Harvest day pics and thanks!

Thank you to all for the ongoing help! I harvested my final two plants today (photos) and though both plants had troubles all season, the harvest was very fine indeed. It is typical grey, cool Seattle fall day, and super peaceful to just listen to the sound of raindrops and the snip snip snip of the scissors. While I covet the many amazing grow rooms on here, I also love working with the seasons and the natural cycles of planting, harvest, etc. Grateful.

The Skunk #1 finished with some beautiful fall purple color on the leaves too, extra bonus!

By the way, the scissors in the photos are my all time favorite, hands down–" ARS SS-320BT Steel Blade Cultivation Scissors" on amazon, $23. They are mild steel so need a drop of oil between uses. Amazing shears.

Here are a few photos:

Skunk #1, two weeks ago:

Skunk #1 foliage:

Skunk #1, trimmed out:

Blackberry Kush, two weeks ago:

Blackberry Kush, trimmed out:


Very nice, enjoy :+1:

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Looks great. How much dry weight from those 2 plants?

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Not sure yet, still wet. My two autos produced 5 oz total, and this looks to be similar or a bit more. I’ll update later.

All the small buds didn’t get harvested either, so it was probably another 30-40% over what’s in the photos.


Nice work enjoy!

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Looks awesome :clap:

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Hey @Fergus, after drying, got abut 45g/1.6oz from the blackberry kush, and 82g/2.9oz from the skunk #1. Given all the trouble this year, I’m happy! Next year… >:)