Harvest day! For one at least


After having some rot issues here and there. Only being a few weeks away from fully finishing. Ended up harvesting one of my WWA’s this morning. Been kind of planning it. Haven’t fed nutes for over a week. Trying to salvage what I could before the rot got worse. After cutting and trimming a bit. Letting it soak for a few mins in a water peroxide solution. Now, hanging around drying a bit outside before going into the room to finish the drying process.


Will the bottom of the stem amount to anything? Anyone ever try?


Wet weight. 165 grams


maybe 70-80g dry guesstimate…lol
good job!


Yeah, figuring lose half the weight.


Divide by 4.2


I personally have not tried letting the bottom grow but others have and said it does work. I would give it a shot and just keep an eye on it.

I noticed some rot starting on a couple of my buds last night so I removed the areas hoping it doesn’t spread.

@bruinsfan33 how big did your white widow autos get? Another memeber asked the question on how big they get on another thread so was hoping to get your input on to help him out.

@NewMan looks like @bruinsfan33 is currently growing some white widow autos so he might be able to weigh in on the size of them.


My wwa is over 3 1/2 ft


@NewMan this girl was under 3ft and was the shorter of the two. I think that the short fat buds helped with the rot @Jmesser80 .

The other one is about 3.5 ft high.


where do you get that number @Fever
not doubting,just asking…lol


4.2 or 3 1/2 ft?
4.2 from people here and I proved it is correct
3 1/2 ft because I have measuring tape


@bruinsfan33 @Jmesser80 sweet. 3.5 tall is completely acceptable, we have about 7ft of vertical space. @bruinsfan33 what is your width like on the pretty ladies? We’re looking to fill as much space as possible in a 4x8 tent


Just over 2 ft wide. Only topped once.


Sweet, that helps a lot to figure out space :blush:


Right now we’re planning on doing some lst to them, and putting up a net, hoping to maximize tje yield :slight_smile: how long would you estimate yous have been going from seed @bruinsfan33?


All outdoors and I’m going on day 70 friday for the second one (from seed) . Probably at least another week from there. I can assume you’re indoors and would think with the perfect conditions. I’m my opinion 60 maybe more


Oh awesome, so not too long then


After drying and trimming. Just under 80 grams.


awesome @bruinsfan33 enjoy !!!
thanks for sharing!


Harvest day number 2. The last WWA