Harvest Darkness Question

I’ve read about the different thoughts on keeping a plant in darkness right before harvest. My question is: Do you continue to water the plant or do you allow the plant to dehydrate?

your plant uses light to draw water up from roots so watering would be a almost pointless exercise though you may not want to put her in the dark bone dry she won’t need to be watered during

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Should I keep the heating pad and fan on or turn them off? Temp would probably drop down into the 60’s without the heat. Both the heating pad and fan also will dry up any moisture.

Some air movement is always good what you need to remember is you are killing the plant in a few days the lack of light triggers a last push for the plant as it is expecting to die and honestly less moisture isn’t such a terrible thing but temps shouldn’t be huge factor as they will encourage same response from plant. Weather gets cooler in the fall light gets less but would be up to you I put my ladies in a dark room which hits low 60’s and give no water a small fan just for airflow and they don’t seem to mind

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Thanks for the info!