Harvest Confusion

I have asked for opinions and have received mixed opinions. The girls have been flowering for 12 weeks at best guess. Moved outdoors from closet preflower on June 21. I believe they are a Sativa strain. Have pretty much let them do their thing without much help. (Only fed twice). I am moving in less than a week and am concerned about harvest. I have taken a few pics this morning and used a hand held microscope to check the trichs. All appear to be milky with very few a slight Amber. I do not want couch lock bud. All that being said, can I get a definite answer about harvesting. I’m thinking tonight. Please let me know.


I harvest at first sign of amber also. I don’t care for couch lock either



My buds are tiny and I want to let them grow but I don’t want to over wait the moment?

@Stonybalony You are a long ways away. The pistils are still white which means you have growing to do. Once they turn a amber/brown color, that is when you want to look at the trichromes.

i thought so Mr Peat, in 3 weeks I leave the country for 3 months with no one to manage them afterwards. I am thinking of chopping in 2 weeks regardless and drying it for a week then mason jars while i am away. i could have someone burp the mason jars weekly for the first month. your thoughts?

I think your crop won’t be what you want that fast of a time crunch. If you are getting amber colored pistils before then, you probably would be fine drying and have some burp them daily for the first couple of weeks.

But I’m seriously at the mind set this plant just won’t have much THC.

Can you get a picture of the whole plant please?

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I think you are pretty screwed with the time frame you have. But better to chop while you can than not chop at all

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Thanks Hornhead,
not much sun in the forecast the next 10 days or so as well.

Hey there,
Harvest timing can definitely be confusing. For the future, I have used this app called higrade. It has really helped me determine harvest timing.