Harvest: chop or pull

I’m curious about harvesting whether or not to cut the plant off at the base or to pull the entire root ball out of the pot and hang roots and all up to dry?

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I know a fella who does that. I don’t believe it makes a difference…


Personally I chop and hang each individual limb. I can spread them out good for better air flow . :v::+1:


It’s hard to wash your bud when it’s still attached to the plant…



A few old timers around me rip the whole plant, roots and all, out of the ground and hang them roots up.

I’m not saying it’s worth while, just that they did it.

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I was curious because I’ve read where some favor chopping and others pulling roots and all to dry. Just seems to me that the purpose of doing a flush before harvest is to clean out remaining nutrients wouldn’t leaving the roots in take cause remaining nutrients to seep back down the stalk and to the colas? Chopping would seem to prevent that from happening…