Harvest big buds

Okay your thoughts on harvesting all the big buds on a plant and leave the smaller ones to grow more .


You can do a selective harvest. It just takes a while longer to harvest the whole plant.


Not worth the extra hassle imo the only buds that won’t be harvestable at the same time as the foxtailing upper buds would be popcorn buds and they are hardly worth trimming let alone wasting time that could be spent on your next grow


I harvest the big buds once they’re ripe, then let lower firm up a week or so. I did not do this with a Gelato this weekend, I’d been waiting patiently to harvest the whole plant as an experiment. Well, I just had to toss those big buds due to bud rot. Of course the larfy crap was mold free, go figure.

Damn that sucks. I usually harvest the whole plant at the same time I was just wondering if the smaller ones with mature more. But thank God I always get them before bud rot LOL

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The real small stuff doesn’t get big enough, but those buds just under the colas get a little bigger after a week of light exposure, at least that’s been my limited experience.