Harvest and the flush?

Thanks for all the help so far.

I am at 11 wks with these two WW autos. I am not trying to rush things as I still am recovering from surgery but I do have a question.

I know from all the info here how to tell when to harvest but how do you tell a week before so you can flush for a week? At this point I am still feeding, mostly bloom and Flower Fuel alternating wth PH water.

I am thinking I will flush for a week, don’t water for two days then total darkness for two days. So if this is somewhat correct how do I know when to flush to end up at the right point? Do I start the flush process when the amber is correct? Enjoy the pics.

I appreciate any input.

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Wow dude!!! that is nice and sugary. Great job!!!

When you say 11 weeks, do you mean 11 weeks total or 11 weeks since you saw the first pistils.

For each strain they give you a average flower time. when I see the first sign of pistils then I mark this date on the calendar. Then I count the average flower days and mark this date on my calendar. Then one week before the projected harvest date I do my flush.

11 weeks from sprouting. First pistils were right at 4 weeks so it has been 7 weeks since pistils first appeared.

I am on a auto-flowering nutrient schedule using General Hydroponics trio + calimagic. I added Flower fuel a few weeks ago on someone’s suggestion. This chart starts week 1 with seedling stage and as predicted flowering began week 4 just like on the chart. They show week 12 as flush. Here is the chart I am using:

think you could go 3 more weeks easily…and in fact give that healthy Lady time to bulk up and get all sticky good. harvest now and you will short yourself about 30% of possible.

main thing is to check the trichomes on the buds daily. once it gets to 20% amber…start your two week harvest program. did you buy the seeds here? Damn good looking for 11 weeks from sprout and still got aways to go.

When you say flush for a week, is that everyday and 3x amt. of pot size? I just want to make sure I am understanding this part. And what does the 2 days darkness do? I am getting ready for the process myself.

I bought the seeds from a competitor. They are supposed to be Royal Queen brand. White Widow Auto Fem. I wanted Auto Fem and could not find them on this site. I am a newbie. I don’t want to grow a plant for a month then throw it out because it is male and wanted auto for my first grow. I have 8 seeds left out of 10. The second plant is taller but behind by the first by a week and a half.

I will continue the 11 week mix with Flower Fuel alternating daily with PH water till flush.