Harvest and clone question

From a fellow grower:

I have a few clones that are growing but I’m not sure how much longer the roots have to be before I plant them. I have a picture attached. I hope you can give me an answer.

I have some that are flowering too. I’m not sure when to harvest tho. I left them in darkness for 3 days, is it OK to put them out after that or should I just leave them in the dark room till harvest? Thanks for everything

Many cultivators use a 24-48 hr darkness before harvest and some don’t - but three days of darkness a bit to much. Dealing with harvest -if you don’t have a “loupe” harvest when all of the “pistals” are 80% amber- this will get you i the ball park An loupe is a must for grower to really determine time for harvest. Grow Ace has a combination loupe (30x and 60 x’s) for about $10.00 - you will need one in the future

They should have been put in soil a while ago.
Get them babies in soil as soon as you can
Give them some Water with root shock stimulation and a tsp or two of hydrogen peroxide. In gal water make sure before giving to newly transplanted seedlings you PH Your solution to 6.0 6.5

As far as your harvest goes have you checked the trichomes keep an eye on those trichomes. What a lot of white hai

rs mean, or could mean, is new calyx/bud/pistol development. In other words the buds could still be growing and swelling. This is why some people wait for nearly 100%, or actually the full 100%, of the “hairs” to have turned the orange/brown before they actually harvest. But this might be a bit too long for some strains and too many of the trichomes may have degraded to amber and this might mean couch lock or a too sedative like of a buzz. So the only way to be sure is to watch those trichomes.



Actually; The 'pistils do not equate finish and harvest time. This is determined by “Trichomes”. The vessel that grows, and allows and holds thc as it develops. Once you see amber Trichomes ( more of an up high); It is time to judge whether to flush or wait 2-3 weeks for more amber (medical pain relief).

Harvesting early can lead to loss of potency and yield weight.

Flowering plants from our fellow grower, any advice is welcome:

Just let me know what your question is and when your ready, I’d be more than happy to help you out.


Agree with “latewood”

The last sentence in my statement was exactly what Latewood said. If a person had no other means at his or her disposal at the end of there grow than ya. The hairs would be there only way to determine finish.
James st my opinion.


The harvest really comes down to a personal thing/choice does one want a " head" high with some engery or a body “high” and be more kickedback

I hear you about the lack of anything to use; But; A pocket microscope or Jeweler’s loupe is under 10 bucks. Really no excuse for not having one.

I hear ya Steve, right now my White Widow 5 th generation
Is at 50% Amber. Going for the lock couch, can’t move affect …lol

B Safe