Harvest and bud wash question

Greetings, I’m getting ready to harvest my first plant on October 19th (an obama kush) and I wanted to run down my plan and get advice please. My plan is to chop down the plant and follow doc buds, from 420 magazine, recipe for bud washing. So 4 5 gallon buckets (or equivalent plastic tub) for the rinsing. First bucket is 3 parts RO water to 1 part 3% h2o2 (would this be only 3 gallons of water or a full 5? I’m assuming this is one cup of peroxide correct?). Second bucket is 5 gallons RO water with 1 cup baking soda and 1 cup lemon juice. Buckets 3 & 4 are RO water only. He says using RO water isn’t super important so long as you have good tap water it would be fine, so that’s my plan. It seems the process for this goes as follows: strip fan and necrotic leaves. Fully submerge buds in bucket one for 30 seconds, or a full minute if any signs of PM or bud rot. Let the water drip from the buds for a bit. Then dip the buds in buckets 2-4 for 30 seconds, agitating lightly the whole time. I’ve seen some recipes that call for the second bucket to be hot water but the original recipe doesn’t call for that. Then you just let the product dry as normal. I want to do this because my plants have been outside all season and have dust and ash and who knows what else on them so it seems smart. My question is had anyone done bud washing? It would seem that you would increase your chance of mold when drying but maybe the combination of the baths help combat this? I have animals in my house so I’m planning on building a drying box. Get two big boxes and tape them together. Poke two wood dowels through it to hang from. Poke some ventilation holes in the side and put a fan outside the box to circulate the air inside. Then I’ll cure them in glass jars. Does that all sound like a good plan? I’m getting down to crunch time and I’m getting a little nervous. Thank you everyone.

Some people do it this way Jorge Cervantes: Washing Away Powdery Mildew - YouTube

I use 1 cup 3% hydrogen peroxide for 5 gal h2o. Normal tap water. Bathe for a few minutes, gently let drip, then into a bath of just water to rinse. A gentle shake, then hang to dry in front of fan for a few hours.


Yep, what @Drinkslinger said. I do a 5 minute wash, rinse, shake off and hang to dry in front of a fan. I use a big tote so I can leave my branches somewhat long.

Great. Thank you for the information. I like the idea of using the plastic tubs myself because my branches are fairly long. Almost time, I’m getting excited.


Here is a link to discussion from 2016 we had

I harvested my od plant today. 6+ hours of washing sticks. I used the same method as @Drinkslinger

I did take a break after 5 hours so when I started back up I threw another .5 - .75 of a cup of 3% h2o2 in the first bin.