Harvest after Sulfur Treatment

I just started spraying a sulfur solution on the girls to treat rust. What steps should I take prior to or after harvest/consumption since I’ve now got sulfur on the leaves. And, eventually buds. I’ve just started week 3 of veg.

Pictures would really help.


Well, I’m just asking about needing to wash the buds, or something, after harvest since I’ve sprayed them with sulfur.

Sulfur by itself isnt toxic beside you should always do a pyroxide wash before you hang to dry

If sulfur was done during veg you should be fine. That said you have other problems as it’s unusual to develop rust that early in the plant’s life cycle.

Once in flower you cannot use anything that will taint the flower, and a bud wash in peroxide is always a good idea.


Thanks. It sure looks like rust based on some other posts I’ve read. Here’s what I’ve got:
pH 5.8 to 5.9
PPM 850
Water temp 64
Air temp 75
Humidity 40 to 50%
I’m using AN art 50% the recommended amount
The white you see is from the sulfur spray.
One plant is very stunted as you can see. I figured she would die soon.

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Do those buckets fill with water solution?? If so do you use hydro guard? I see the net pot and if there is water in them pots light is getting inside them pots thru them holes. Roots dont like light neither does water creates nasties in the water. Not super sure on tthe temp of water being at 64 might b a bit cold for them also. My bucket always sat between 67 and 75 for water temos. If u dont use hydro guard i would see about getting some as it will help keep any bacteria growth from happening

Yes, there’s water in the buckets. I keep the water level about 1.5 inches from the bottom on the net pot. I do not use hydro guard. So you think that’s a bacteria problem due to light? I’ll just fill the net pot up with more hydroton to block the light. I’ll also check into hydro guard. Thanks for the input.

It’s actually more about algae it sucks the air from the water and uses resources as far as I understand hydro

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I would def cover any kind of light getting to the water and if u have it around id get some hydroguard. It will help with any warmer water temps and keep bacteria and algae growth onside ur bucket. Hydroguard is fairy cheap also not too bad and works wonders

Well, this wound up being low oxygen. My air stones were plugging as I didn’t realize I needed to scrub them more frequently than I have. Bought a bigger air pump to aerate the grow pots and combined my existing pumps to aerate the reservoir. Treated with peroxide 4 times to sanitize. The pictures are the roots at their worst then after a week of peroxide and much better air flow. You can see new white roots emerging. I’m so happy. Well, grow and learn.