Harvest Advise - Banana Kush Auto

Good day, any chance you can look at my pics and give me an idea of where these may be in flowering, time to harvest?

This one the seed popped on 5/10/23 and went into DWC Bucket on the 13th or so.

300W LED, Nutes: HD FloraSeries, Armor Si, CaliMagic, Hydrogaurd

I flushed her the other day with FloraKleen for a couple of hours as she was giving higher EC readings in the bucket then what I put in the bucket. That cleared that issue nicely.

Your thoughts on the above pics?


I see a lot of white pistils and you have a few weeks to go yet. On what date did the plant start flowering?

Be sure to look at trichomes on flower rather than on leaves. Those on leaves will mature much faster than those on flower.


@MidwestGuy she started flowering somewhere around 6/12. I’m thinking I have another month.

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You can expect to harvest around last August.


Looks like you and I are on the same course. Mine have been in flower since June 20th, I was banking on what @MidwestGuy said on end of august or beginning of September even. We’re both in the beginning stage. Your Plant looks good!

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When you get around 80% brown pistols that’s when I start checking trichromes. I also check the lower buds cause the top matures faster.

Thanks @Shaggy1987. My wife thinks I spend too much time with the plants. Hmm.


Thank you @DoneDeal. Sound advise I will use.

I was reading about harvesting the top/ripe branches and leaving the lower for another week or two to finish up.

What are your thoughts on multi-stage harvesting?

Lol same here man. My wife knows where to find me at 5am when lights on,and as soon as I come home from work before lights off. On weekends I’m opening the tent for a quick drool every few hours. And I’m on here so much she’s been calling me Shaggy!

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