Harvest advice needed


A question from a fellow grower:

Hi after the mistakes I made with my first plant I seem too have done better this time and have a narcotic Kush in flower she is a beautiful sight too behold and was wondering if you could advise me on when you think she will be ready, she flowered boxing day and is an auto flower, planted as seed on 10 November 15, I used potting compost, microwaved building sand and crushed sea shells that were also microwaved, she is on a 12/12 660w super lumin hps, with Co2, some pistils starting to turn colour and she is so sticky, please check the picture and advise


Beautiful looking plant! That said the best and most accurate way to check for readiness is to buy a jewelers loop or some form of microscope with at least 30x zoom, but more the better :slightly_smiling: What you are looking for is the trichomes (resin glands) to become milky white with some Amber mixed in. The more Amber you have the more couch lock type effect it will have. The more clear you have the greater the chance of paranoia (is this really always a bad thing?) A nice mix of milky and Amber is the sweet spot for the majority of smokers.


Wow great job no doubt … you need a magnifier 600x 60 or is it 60x100
Anyway you need one so that you can keep an eye on the trichomes.

There no way to be absolutely sure without being able to peek into the trichomes. Get a I’m? jeweler’s loupe or high powered hand held magnifying glass, they are not expensive, not uncommon nor hard to find and it will be well worth it to you to get the most out of your crop.

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It’s 60x100 my friend lol


Thank you kind sir…



I see your on a good role today, keep up the great work buddy :+1: And No Problem


Ya stayed in bed all day trying to get better and trying to keep from getting bored…lol



Get well soon brother any ways let’s not get distracted lol


If no “glass” harvest when the "pistal’s are 80% amber/brown - might be a bit longer ! I hate waiting !!!
great looking plant !!


Thanks guys for your advice will get a loop asap


Today I got a magnifying loop 30x as you advised and wow what an amazing sight the trichomes are starting to turn milky, makes me want too be shrunk down too play among them lol brilliant advice ppl, as it is now been 82 days since I planted the seed, harvest time is only a few days away :grin:


Now just keep an eye on them. Then its up to you when you want to harvest. I wait till there 50 - 70
70 % being amber.
Have fun with your new found toy…lol