Harvest advice appreciated

Hello. I have two plants that I think are ready to harvest. Both are autoflower GSC grown outdoors.
Plant #1 has the purple trichomes (first 4 photos). Plant #2 is only green, (no purple) and has the green under the trichomes. Both are magnified photos of the buds. Any thoughts?


Still quite a bit that’s clear. How long have they been in flower?

Very interesting, I’m a newbie about to harvest as well. Growing the same GSCX autos, 12 weeks today, I have some purple coloring but not my tricomes. If its me I would wait , looks like mostly clear to me, but see what others say. A pic of mine still waiting a few more days

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Thanks Kingkupa. This is my 2nd grow. First was interrupted by caterpillars and mites. I made canna butter and brownies with what I could salvage, and you only need to eat a half brownie to “enjoy” them.
So, this is my first legit grow too!
I thought when you started seeing the amber on the tip of the trichomes, it was definitely time to harvest?
I planted these two plants around July 28th. I didn’t note the date of flowering, but for these autoflowers, they seem to start to flower in 3-4 weeks.

Idk Newbie, under the impression it is what you are looking for. I can not sleep, and have had, and have up coming back and stomach surgery’s. Read that more Amber is more sleep, and pain relief. Milky white to clear more of a social buzz ? Idk. Going to most likely chop this week , or weekend, cool part is grew 3, have 1 that grew tall and is behind the other 2 in the flower department, so if I do mess up still have 1 left lol, massive learning curve right ? Would like to see what others say on this topic good luck

First day above ground 7/26

Let’s see a shot of one representative cola and an overall shot of the plant, please.


This is Plant #1. I harvested most, but left these small buds on for more growth (corresponds to purple trichomes in orig post).

And this is Plant #2 - is a week or two younger than plant #1 - corresponds to green buds in orig post.

Let me know what you think as far as harvest readiness?

Thanks for the great forum!

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Any thoughts on this request? Thanks

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You’ve got some foxtailing in the green. Always a sign she’s close to harvest, especially on outdoor grows.

The purple one is hard to tell, but you’ve done a partial harvest so what do you think?

Next grow keep track of when they go into flower. Give it 6 weeks and start checking trichomes. Don’t worry about the sugar leaves, but keep an eye on the actual flower. When amber first shows, you’re looking at about 100% of max potency.

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Thanks Oldmarine. All these photos are of the buds (calyx), not the sugar leaves, if that helps. I pinch off a little one and take it inside so I can actually photograph it out of the wind and without a shaky hand.

What is foxtailing? Curious to know about that.

One thing that’s interesting is that the purple GSC plant has a very strong aroma and the second GSC plant that is just green doesn’t have that powerful weed smell. It still smells, but not nearly as strong. both are starting to show some amber tips on the buds so definitely close.

Thanks for responding to my questions!

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