Hardy plant that can handle Texas weather

I’ve looked at every one of your custom genetics you sell seems like most would do better in a grow room I need a healthy hardy plant that can handle Texas weather? Some very hot to very humid and dry at times I’m not on Galveston bay I’m about 45 miles north. What do you suggest that I pick from ??

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Durban Poison would be a good one since the strain comes from Africa, Africa hot is even hotter than Texas hot LOL, I’m in west Texas.


Maybe similar

Are you looking for strain suggestions? To grow outdoors next year? Do you have privacy and full Sun?

This is a topic I need to follow. I am in north east Texas. It is humid and hot here now. Need a mold resistant and heat tolerant. I would love suggestions too.
Thank you! :blush:

Not me,
The post is from an unknown person at this point.
ILGM posted the question for them, but they have not replied yet.
I posted the strains recommended for Arizona thinking they may work.
If you go to the Main ILGM page and scroll all the way to the bottom you will find links for different stuff like this.

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