Hardly any trichomes. Finals weeks of flower

Strain: Northern Lights, outdoor grow. 5 seeds all germinated. Two of the 5 have hardly any trichomes. There is only a couple weeks left until I should harvest. I don’t know why such a difference. I had nitrogen deficiency during July. Bought hose filter which caused calcium deficiency, corrected with CalMag. Used General Hydro Nutrients from beginning. Did the calcium def cause this? Thoughts?!


Nice looking plant outside the fact of really no trichomes. :unamused:

I have a lady with a few weeks left… barely any trichs herself. I think they will come. Maybe she’s just a bit heat sensitive?


PurpNGold74 perhaps so. It has been unusually warm lately too.

She’s has them where it counts. She has a ways to go yet so I’m sure they’ll show up in more abundance as the weeks go by. She’s going to be big.

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How about some pictures?

Any way of giving it 48 hrs of dark prior to chopping her down? I wonder if that would help?

I appreciate it! I will worry a but less…

I put a few up, did you see those?

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I have heard that. I imagine I could find a way. I have an old hunting blind I could use, patch up any light that enters. I have heard trimming all the fan leaves two days prior helps too?!

I’m no real expert,have been growing since1987 (off n on),mostly on)you need some water that’s been purified by reverse osmosis,start there,all you need then is GH starter box ,mix at half strength first 2 weeks.Slowley in say 3 feedings up your fert. to full strength.If your leaves brown a lol on the tips cut back to 3 quarter strength,if ur leaf tips don’t brown and die(burn) keep it at full strength,I go up a lol each feeding (only as high as 1 and a half strength)and keep it there for the rest of its cycle.If you get starter box you should have no nute problems.I am afraid this batch with no tricombs is wasted, I know of no cure at the end of its life cycle.If you live in a warm climate you can get 2 harvest off one plant each year. I have got 3 off one plant,moved her in at first real cool night. Hope I helped.

Looks like u got a couple more weeks to go judging by the pistils.

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Just saw pics damn I hate that, not a one on her,could be a bug inside her suck in all her juice out. I have had that happen,right at the end my plant stoped producing resin. When u pick her break a limb off and see if there’s a hloe in middle probably small in limbs main stalk will have big hole if so bug got you. Always look good at plants for any (sawdust)on stalk at bottom of main stalk. I use fertiloom triple,insectaside,mightacide,fungicide,works great,and 7 dust around plant out 6 to 10 feet,to keep bugs out. A lol dog poo bear plant keeps deer and other critters away. Much love to all.

How many times have you dosed the plant with the monster bloom in the nutes pic?

some seeds just grow different. might have to go longer for best results.

Let’s see some close shots of your current flower. That’s a good overall of the plant but I’d like to see more shots of flower, if you don’t mind.

I would say you are probably further out than that if weather permits.


Thanks!! I will look into it! I appreciate you taking the time to write me. Apologies on my delayed response, for some reason I am only allowed a handful of replies per 24 hour period. So anybody I haven’t replied to yet, this may be why.

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Thanks for your reply. I couldn’t reply earlier due to maxing out my accounts replys. Actually, I have not used the monster bloom. I bought it but I didn’t know how or when to use it so I decided to wait until next year’s grow. I am hoping you are right. I hope it’s just a late bloomer, so to speak, and that the trichomes will show up soon. We have had mild frost a couple times but I bring her in during the cold nights. I will keep her going as long as I can.

still got time to dose with bloom enhancer. ca ching says one small end per gallon.