Hardening off autos - when is too soon? Should I start them outside?

I’m going to lose my closet in about two weeks. I am germinating a few auto seeds right now. Should I just toss them outside right away? I have a small covered porch that can mostly keep them protected and I can work on transitioning them into full sun from there. If I start the seedlings off inside, will be they be too weak to transition at only 2 weeks? I’m wondering if i start them off out there if they’ll be better equipped. I’m in the mid atlantic. Fairly hot and humid starts soon.


I start my autos inside for about a week or two then throw them in a hole straight into the ground. No hardening off, anything

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I’m in Massachusetts and I have three plants outside now, one established clone, one random seed that popped up outside in a previously used 10 gallon growpot that was outside all winter, and one unestablished clone. They all seem to be doing fine. The heat and humidity becomes a bigger problem later in the year when the temps at night drop below 70 and you get subject to budrot. But with auto you may be done by then, good luck!