Hard water test grow


I know I can’t be the only one on here that has issues with hard to very hard water. Mine here comes in at 535ppm. Very hard. I have been using bottled water for this grow I am doing right now. I decided to do a test grow to see if I could make this work with the flora grow micro. I am going to use just straight tap water again. I figure if this works, it might help some one else out down the road. If I see issues start. I will start mixing my tap water with a little bottled water till I fix the problem.
I have tons of these seeds so no waste there. I checked the seeds and am sure i got a female this time. I guess we will see.

So here is the plan. I am going to grow one GS plant. “generic seed” I will be growing in coco coir & perlite. I used the same last grow just a different brand of coco. For nutes, I am using the floragro trio. I changed the micro out for there hard water micro. I have read good things about it. I grew 3 of these same plants last grow, and had a lot of issues that I am pretty sure were mostly tied to the hard water. I am using bottled water for this grow I am doing in the other room and every thing is going great. It would be nice if If this works. I do have a RO system on order for my other plants.
If these make it to week 5 or 6 clean. I may be ok for the whole grow.
Well, lets get this started. I have a one week old plant I started for this. I did use bottled water for starting it. I wanted to make sure I had a healthy plant to start with. And who can’t afford a 12 oz bottle of water lol That will get you to where we are now.
Here is our test plant at week one yesterday. I forgot. This will be under a couple CFL lights for at least the first 3 or 4 weeks :grin:


I’ve found that flushing, every few weeks, helps alleviate issues with hard water.


That is some great info. I will add that to the feeding schedule.


I was using about 450ppm filtered tap water at first. It does fine, but the alkalinity built up quickly and caused pH issues. @blackthumbbetty is right on, flushing was necessary to keep pH in check. And I would let it set out at least overnight before using it to let the chlorine evaporate off.


My first few grows struggled b/c of my hard water wreaking havoc on my soil. I bought an r/o system, but on lazy days I just use well water (ec .375).


Thanks, My water is un filtered. Sounds like this little one may have a shot with the hard water now. My RO system should be here the 17th. I also forgot about letting the water sit out. I will fill a 5 gallon bottle now and let it sit. This will give me some thing to mess with while I am waiting on the other 4 plants to finish. If I get this to work ok. It will help a friend too. I just let him borrow every thing he needed to try growing him self. Well, a basic starter kit. He can add on if he gets addicted to growing like I did.
Thanks :grin:


Does your water have chlorine or chloramines? If so, you can add asorbic acid and I around an hour it will be gone. Just be careful though as it is an acid and will make your ph drop. You can use around 1000mg for 20-30gal


We only have chlorine here. I checked the web site with what our water has in it. I will have to look into the asorbic acid.


You can try fresh water aquarium dechlorinator, too. I use well water, so I often forget that others deal with chlorine in their h20.


It doesn’t look like we have that much in it. I think most of the issues are old water pipes for the city. I will keep that in mind though. It would be great if I could get it down to just using tap water for vegging then switch to RO for flower.


Federal standard is 4ppm. So no more than that.


I just looked and it shows us at 1.7 ppm.


Just a suggestion, try catching rainwater, i have super hard water something like in the 700 ppms, so I catch rainwater, that R.O. Gets price after months.


I am in Ca. We get almost no rain any more. Even if I have to do a 50\50 for water. I would be ok. yep, right now I am spending about 40 a month on bottled water. my plants are taking 2 1/2 gallons a day. This is more to see what I can get away with. My water bill here is the same if I use a little or a lot. I don’t want to waste any more water than I need to making ro water. The RO I ordered was out of stock for a while. If this works. I will do a 50/50 down the road. I could save on going through filters fast that way. I read the harder you water is. The less life you get from the filters. Not sure if it is true. Seems to make sense.


I feel you on the rain my friend. I’m in south Texas and get very little rain as well but when I do I’m exited. I’m also forking out cash on the R.O. Water as well. I have access to our canal water and have used it for my outside grows but never inside.I’m having good results outdoors, will get a read on the ppms when I have a chance.


I am surprised to hear that. I used to live in the Dallas area. We got rain for about 4 months straight there. I started out spending about 12 a month for water. Then these girls started drinking like it was the last water they would ever get lol odds are if this goes ok. I will give the plant to a friend and let her finish it. I am finding I really like growing the autos. They are super forgiving. I was really worried about my humidity going into the 70s for a short time during the day. The plants seem to like it. I have 3 fans going to try and make sure I don’t get any mold or bud rot. Once summer gets here. I should be fine. Last time I grew these plants here. They looked like they were going to end up making it. then I was told all 3 were males. Burst that bubble lol


Sorry about the males,I’m still further down way at the tip, bout 9 hrs away from Dallas. I’ve grow autos here also during winter time. Temps are perfect, we hardly ever get frezzing temps very rare. If growing auto I like keeping them in pots so I can move them because that’s our rainy season, winter time.


If the summers were not so hot. I would still be in TX. I really liked it there. After my surgery. I just couldn’t take the heat any longer. Sucked having all males. However. I learned a ton from them. So no loss there. I took what I learned there and what every one shared with me and I am sure this grow will be a success. I hope I am only about 3 weeks from finishing the 2 Blue Dreams. Then another 3 weeks or so to finish the other 2 plants. I am looking forward to my next grow. Right now, only planning on growing 2 magnums. I know they grow big and after seeing how crowded my tent is getting now. I think 3 plants would not be a great idea. I could have easily filled half the tent with just the Big bud if I only did 2 plants.


You could always do half ro/half tap. It’s what I’ve been doing for awhile. I found a place near by that fills up gallons of ro water for 49c. Most places have a water jug filler outside their grocery store for like 25c a gallon of filtered water.


That is the plan if this doesn’t work. Or at least try it. My plants are doing great right now. I am afraid to mess it up by changing the water on them. That is why I started this little one. if I loose it. I have a container full of these seeds. It is some good stuff though. I am paying 40c a gallon here. I wish it was 25c