Hard buds-advice please


Can anyone answer this question for me please…I’m about 1-2 weeks away from Harvest and I noticed that my buds went from kinda soft to almost rock hard. Is this a normal thing??


Yep…flush and enjoy


That’s a very good thing. Nice and dense, like me! :crazy_face:


I’ve heard a temp drop can help assist fluffy nugs turn into cement… no personal experience tho


I think it’s time to start flushing what do you guys think??


How do the trichomes look? She definitely looks close.


@elheffe702 Unfortunately I don’t have a loupe or a scope to check but it’s on my “to get list” I can say I started 12/12 on June 5th


Is this a auto or photo


When did you first see pistils? Guessing a couple weeks after the flip, you’d be in week 5ish. The pistils still look like there’s some white.


@Hogmaster It’s a photo


@elheffe702 Honestly it had a ton of pistils about 2 weeks before I switched it to 12/12


In that case, you’re probably very close. You can try using your zoom on your camera, better than nothing.