Hard buds-advice please

Can anyone answer this question for me please…I’m about 1-2 weeks away from Harvest and I noticed that my buds went from kinda soft to almost rock hard. Is this a normal thing??


Yep…flush and enjoy


That’s a very good thing. Nice and dense, like me! :crazy_face:

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I’ve heard a temp drop can help assist fluffy nugs turn into cement… no personal experience tho

I think it’s time to start flushing what do you guys think??

How do the trichomes look? She definitely looks close.

@elheffe702 Unfortunately I don’t have a loupe or a scope to check but it’s on my “to get list” I can say I started 12/12 on June 5th

Is this a auto or photo

When did you first see pistils? Guessing a couple weeks after the flip, you’d be in week 5ish. The pistils still look like there’s some white.

@Hogmaster It’s a photo

@elheffe702 Honestly it had a ton of pistils about 2 weeks before I switched it to 12/12

In that case, you’re probably very close. You can try using your zoom on your camera, better than nothing.

Question in veg do you get buds or pistols or in flower only. And if I grow in veg say like 3 to 9 weeks than flower would take 2 months or so. That can be like 4 to six months with flower and veg together. Right?

Is this ready for this impression?