Happys first auto run

Moving right along at about 11 weeks now since sprouted on all 7 auto flowers in the big tent.

I think I have identified one if the bag seed photos. It has turned super black so it is Black peppercorn for sure. It was a good smoke but I didn’t like the taste at all, and every since this plant has start smelling it about makes me vomit its so pungent :rofl:.
But it looks so cool! The light green one I clipped a good 3-4 nug of the top and air dried it for 2 days and jar fir 3 days and it smoked pretty dang good. Nice strong lemon taste with the fast cure. A good slow cure and it’s going be nice. Once it gets some amber that is, it all pretty cloudy now to getting close.

3-Gorilla Glue ILGM auto

3-Girl Scout cookie extreme ILGM autos

1- Bruce Banner ILGM auto

2- Bag seed (pretty sure one is “black peppercorn / kraken black pepper”) it’s the only strain a had that was black like this…

And lastly probably what will be my last girls in dirt.
Auto pots coming in mail and I will probably run a few bubble buckets with it where there’s room for it.

1- Gold Leaf ILGM photo 3- twisted tree crinkle cut autos


So I think I finally got the crazy Gorilla glue on track :sweat_smile:
It will be the biggest producer. I just hope the quality is there.
The others are looking pretty good, one girl scout cookie extreme could come down now at 11weeks old, most all cloudy and no new pistols to mention really.
Maybe this weekend :man_shrugging:

1x ILGM Bruce Banner auto flower 11weeks from germination.

3x ILGM Girl scout cookie extreme auto flowers 11weeks from germination.

3x ILGM Gorilla Glue auto flowers 11weeks from germination.

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Choped AF3 (Girls Scout cookie extreme autoflower) after finding some bananas (male parts) starting to show up in the new growth while waiting for more amber. It’s in the window but I’d liked little more couch lock but it be ok. Temps and RH has been under control except for a week or so ago they where all over the place with stormy weather… it started foxtailing and then I nanners :man_facepalming:
I also chop one of the bag seed and it’s so super lemony can’t wait to give it a rip!
Probably going chop AF2 today another GSCE.
AF1 (Gorilla glue) isn’t far behind, Probably one day this week…
BS1 (bag seed)


And the rest

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Congratulations nice haul