Happys first auto run

So Idk about the crazy GG :confused:
I really do not need it to grow anymore.
I just need it to stiffen up a bit and grow so flowers…

After putting the net up and spreadingit out, I also did a mild lollipop, heavy defoliation, and even a super cropped a branch…

It just doesn’t feel right, the branch I cropped, it was literally so weak it “popped” soon as I touched it as if it was completely hollow in the middle… I was reading a post the other day about someone had a GG auto that absolutely filled up his 3x3 to the point he couldn’t even zip it up, it never did flower properly and ended up dieing on him and it appeared to have rotted from the inside out he claimed…
If I really thought this was a genetic thing and it will not flower properly, then I’d just cull it and get it out my way.

But here’s what I did, it either takes it and shifts a gear soon or it’s mulch :rofl:

3x3 is packed again to make room fir the net in 4x4.

Wish I had time to add some pvc pipes to make better use of the net but this will have to do.

And here is the next line up taking a soak :grin:

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Looking great in there and can’t wait 4 the new babies s

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Moved things around again. Need time to hook up the bigger AC so I can turn the light to 100% badly. .
There getting less then 500w now and that’s not enough for the nugs I want :rofl:. I need that full 720w!


Gave all some recharge today, crazy GG dosen’t want to feed so it’s getting flushed in a few days. The one Bruce Banner ph is creeping down. Run Off was like 5.8 all others are over 6, it’s feeding good so maybe the recharge will level it out a bit. But Crazy spider plant GG was 3000ppm run off so it needs flushed and maybe a fresh start will turn it around :man_shrugging:

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So I’m about to flush the Crazy GG. Hopefully these pumps will help speed up the process.

So 5 of my 7 autos have low soil ph :man_facepalming:.
The five that are in the ocean forest, happy frog, strawberry fields mix are the problem ones. The 2 I have in straight ocean forest are going strong and stable the full time.
I will be using only ocean forest with autos moving forward.
So tired I didn’t take any pictures. But I think I’ll be chopping a photo by this weekend and I’ll take some pictures of them all…

I dropped 5 crinkle cut autos 4-5 days ago and 4 came up, got a little tap root just popped out of a gold leaf photo :grin:

I have a weird GG also


That’s some thick leafs she has :grin:

I snapped a few pictures of the 3x3 omw out this morning. They are about 8 weeks old.


Looking great!!

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Just a little cal-mag and recharge for today, I’m thinking it may be only water after this. They looking pretty close. About 9-10 week old now. The girl scout cookie extreme has some extreme nugs that’s for sure :star_struck: :sweat_smile:

Tomorrow the ones in 5gal will be up for a feed and I’ll get so updated pictures of them.

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Tended to the other 3 today. The one crazy GG took a downhill after its flush. It hasn’t been right from very early on. :confused: all 9 of my others seem to like my treatment but this one doesn’t like me very much it seems…
Bruce Banner auto (AF6)

Girl scout cookie extreme auto (AF7)

Gorilla Glue auto (AF5)

Gorilla Glue auto (AF4) “crazy gg”

Gorilla Glue auto (AF1)

Girl Scout cookie extreme auto (AF2)

Girl Scout cookie extreme (AF3)

AF1, AF2, AF3,

And some bag seed photos I wish would hurry up :unamused:
Checkout the black leafs on the one I almost threw away a few times. It was a tiny runt and u didn’t think it was going to do anything. And about 3 weeks into flower it just shifted gears :rofl: it’s still very small but some of the coolest looking nugs are starting to swell up just full of color :grinning:

And this one that about out grew its space and had to have both its main tops super cropped in mid flower, but it turn out kinda cool.

And the baby’s just hanging out down there,
4 crinkle cut autos
1 gold leaf photo

And that’s all I have for tonight.

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U r really doing a great job. Keep at it those girls look beautiful.

Happy growing

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Thank you man :relaxed:
I only sleep 3-4 hours a night from work and my garden but I couldn’t get through the work day with out the garden so here I am :rofl:

Haha they r addictive

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So I moved all my autos into the 4x6 tent.
It’s now stuffed full!
I took the SF2000 out of my photo closet and added it to the 4x6 with the Roi-e720 so hopefully it’s got enough light fir them all…
I set the 3x3 up for photos and put them under the SE3000 in it. And tomorrow I will set the closet up for germ and veg.

And my baby autos are not looking to good.
I had them under what I thought was a 33w led seed lamp but I since learned it’s pretty much all red spec so I added a couple grolux florescent lights. I need to pick up some veg lighting it appears.
The one ILGM gold leaf photo is doing just fine in same everything as the twisted tree autos.
But look at the difference, gold leaf is the small one if it isn’t obvious.

Just moving along at this point I guess.
I have learned in future if I do soil again, all plants will be in same size container for ease of watering. The ones in 3gal require so much more watering then the 5gal ones.
but here is a few pictures for the log.
They are 10 weeks from seed pop this week and split down the middle as to how far along they are, 3 are about done I believe, 2 are well on their way “mid flower” and last 2 are just starting to stack up…


Great job 4 real beautiful girls

Happy growing

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It’s actually 7 in there, but the tent made like it is makes it impossible to get them all in one shot so I took multiple :rofl:
See what I mean with the 2 doors. It’s got a divider wall that can go up makeing it a 4x4 and 2x4. But I just use it as a 4x6.


The more the marrier

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