Happys first auto run

So this is my attempt at what will probably be more of a log of this grow rather then a proper journal.
But here’s what I got going so far.
Girl scout cookie extreme
Gorilla glue
Bruce Banner
All ILGM autos (mix pack)

The 2 sprouted went in cups on the 7th.

The others here went into cups on the 11th.
The 2 in the front are Bruce Banners that just didn’t want to pop.

One of the 2 BB did pop but got stuck in seed membrane and long story short, I killed it trying to free it. “My hands just aren’t as steady as they use to be”
The other BB was a nud.

September 20th roughly 10 days old.

Here they are on September 30th after poting.
Some in 3gl pots some in 5gl bags.

And here they are today after I adjusted the LST some.
About to give them a little drink now and close them up.

All fox farm soil, strawberry fields in bottom of pots, OF in bulk of pot with a blend of OF and HF in middle when transplanted from cups that was straight HF. Perlite was heavily added to every layer.

4x6 HLG 2 in1 tent without the divider wall took out but still using basically only 4x4 of it as my light fits just perfectly in a 4x4 space. The extra 2ft space is great for fans and things.

Light is HLG Growers choice Roi e720.
Cloud line s6 with filter and intelligent controller exhaust system.
Various fans as needed, humidifier, dehumidifier, an extra window AC in that room to assist HVAC.

So what y’all think?
I am amazed at how fast they have grown, and a little freaking to me seeing pre-flowers on such a young plant.
Kinda gave me some anxiety at first till I remembered this is normal for them :sweat_smile:


I’m all set to watch I’ve got my :popcorn:🧋:chocolate_bar:


Bruce Banner feminized is what I was considering buying on the sale now.
But it is $20 more than G13, and I don’t appreciate hard to germinate seeds.
G13 is $20 more than OG Kush on the 10 + 10 sale.
I guess I’ll get the G13. :+1: :sunglasses:

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Nice line up of strains and the ladies are looking beautiful.
Set to watch if you don’t mind.

Happy growing

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Looking good in there, got that same line up sitting in moist paper towels for another day :love_you_gesture:

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I’d do g13 first then bb next. It could just be me or the seeds I got just had really hard shells :man_shrugging:.
The one that did grow is a nice strong looking little bush.

I will try BB again down the road.


The BB didn’t pop like the GG and GSC on mine either. Put them all in a moist paper towel and ziplock bag. Hopefully tonight the BB will show signs of a little tail :love_you_gesture:


The 2 I did get to pop took 72hrs in a glass of water then I wrapped them in a wet paper tall for 2 days and applied heat, still nothing 24hrs later, I turned heat way up to the point I expected them to cook.
One popped a few hrs later and I planted it and the other seed and the one that popped took off strong and looks good. The 2nd one finally did break soil a few days later but got stuck and I killed it trying to help it out.

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Must be some really tough helmets on those BBs :love_you_gesture:

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Looks good keep up the good work

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I add a splash of peroxide to my water when I soak my seeds seems to help

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Some explosive growth past 24hrs :star_struck:
Makes me very happy :blush:

Just look at this one’s bottom nodes.

It’s going be a big one …


Nice means you doing a great job feeding and all


Just got home from work and peeked in on my girls before I came out back to smoke ,(we don’t smoke inside). And…
I Got A Mutant! :rofl:
Mutated limb, appears to have skipped a branch where a node should be then on the next one it grew 3 with 2 on same side.
Kinda neat.

I got to water in a bit and I’ll post more pictures, could be more mutations… can’t wait to see :grin:



I did not intend on topping any of these my first run with autos.
I did plan on alot of LST though and look what I just need to my “prize trainee”.

It’s above the 4th node and dam near all the way through, im guess less then 20% still intact.

I immediately taped it up but the more I think about it, I could just pull it off and it would be topped at the 4th.

What yall say?
Let it try to heal it or let it be topped?
Yeild is not a concern to me, Im a quality of quantity guy myself.


Let it heal it will bounce back

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So I kind had it in my head that “autos are way smaller then photos”, and I’m use to bag seed so there was almost never a time a actually grew over half the beans I popped…

Well after a little more research,
I’m thinking I got to many going for my tent :man_facepalming:

I been wanting another one so I just ordered an entire 3x3 set up …

I figure if they start to over grow this one I can move some into it and I got a tent I can devote to one of these photo period Gold leaf beans I got :grin: in the future.

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Not much to report really other then the one I dam near broke in two has seemed to not have been phased by it at all which is a nice surprise…

This has sparked me to treat 1 gg and 1 gsc as I would a photo, I plucked some fan leafs to open it up a little…
I may or may not continue to defo them like I would a photo but a few giant leafs just had to go on a couple of the trained ones…

I was tucking leafs on them but I’m running a higher humidity then normal as they seem to respond well at 65-70% but I was getting condensation build up wear giant fan leafs was bunched up, temp around 75-82.

I may just have to drop humidity cuz it’s makeing me nervous :sweat:
But here they are today.


Little update, gave calmag to all for the 2nd time today. It was just water for first month. Two of these are in 5gal with straight ocean forest and perlite and I will wait another week or so before giving them nutes.
The others are in a mix of Foxfarms OF, HF, SF, and perlite and I may give them a ¼ strength 3 part liquid next watering …