Happy to be here



Recieved my order very excited to try ILGM strains. Thanks


Congrats and have fun!



Welcome to ILGM IT’S great to have you join us. But I need to tell you that your not to post pictures of your packs of seeds which may show how you aquired them ok.
I understand that your new here in all.
i need to ask you to please remove the pic and replace it with another pic if you like.
It should be removed soon cause someone will surely flag this post and we don’t that for sure.

Thank You for your help



now thats a nice looking order have fun growing :slight_smile:


How do I remove it??


Got it gone


Thanks for your cooperation my friend happy growings and welcome to ilgm @Viktor7



Thanks Viktor7… if there is anything you need help with my friend…you just ak ok



Thanks. I am a bit concerned because those little packets will supply 20 plants?? My Frankenstein is tiny measuring 36"x21"x46" I have to pump a lot of water to them because room temp is constant 88°f. Not in the best health with eyesight. Instruction on bottles and packs super minuted I guess I will have tons of questions regarding nutrient and the “b1” vitamin myth. What’s that anyway?
Sediment or base = MG light moisture control mixed with a light addition of coconut Hull. All natural and does not hinder or hurt by burning nutrients. Very slow to deteriorate as well.
My nutes will ba only the IGLM PACKET. I can only do 2 plants max @ 4ft.
Lighting 2 1000w General Hydroponics full spectrum LED LIGHTS
(kicks out way too much heat for me to give accolades)
The plants thrive well in system and do reach achievable goals however
I want the super results I see coming from fellow horticulturalist. I also have a healthy amount of GH Products that I intend to try on later ILGM SEEDS. I have faith in pedigree of seed and my grow room. I just need solid advice when my dumb questions come up. As seen above.