Happy Thanksgiving from the garrigan family




Thank you Granny Hope you day is full of happness



Right back at you @garrigan65… Hope your healing has been complete



Thank you for asking but no there is something going on with both feet very numb like feeling and a sore that is very slow in healing.
But i shall heal…lol



Thanks! May you have a bountiful feast (as well as harvest! Haha) Happy Thanksgiving.


Sorry to hear @garrigan65, I’m sure all will be ok, just need some more time to heal up fully.


Thank you Will. Wishing you and you’re family a Very Happy Thanksgiving!

:v::sunglasses::heart: @garrigan65


Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Will! @garrigan65

Keep getting better! I know this has been a tough time for you folks and I wish you all the best!



Late as always: Happy Turkey Day!!!


I’m later @Laurap hope everyone had a great day :jack_o_lantern:


Happy Thanksgiving!


happy Thanksgiving My Friend 48