Happy Thanks giving


Happy Thanksgiving to All at ILGM and Family


Thank you @FyshhTrap,

And Happy Thanksgiving to you !



I also would like to say…





thank you!
Happy Thanksgiving to you as well… and to all of my newest friends at ILGM…may your food be abundant and your weed be sweet!


Thank you and happy thanksgiving to all.


Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours


Yes yes happy thanksgiving to all ya a$s backwards Americans on here. Thanks giving is before Halloween not after. Lol.

Happy growing


So I had to crack open a gift from a business friend that’s very well off in his success , gave me this as a anniversary present a couple years ago out his cellular when he remodeled and I was in need of a good drink after my day , Cause my holiday not so happy , my step daughter past out cause of health issues , than I had to sit in the vet emergency room with my momma pit bull cause her and her daughter got to fighting over a ham bone my grandson thought was okay to give to one of them and she had to get 4 stitches which was $255.76 and sitting there 2 hours .


Happy Thanksgiving🦃 Gave all the pot heads in the family a treat!!! I made butter out of my very first grow and made Brownies they where great😀


So will there be any black Friday deals on seeds? @latewood


Sorry bout ya dog. But holy crap dude! That’s some liquid gold lol


Oh yeah 2 shots of this stuff makes you consider drinking it all on the price …probably won’t ever have another bottle unless my friend decides to up another bottle for whatever reason …some really good stuff , and I though Crown XO , are Remy Martin XO was expensive but Goid , thus stuff right here is like liquid awesomeness .


Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!


Could you adopt me to your family? Looks great! Have a happy, high holiday!


Blue Dream 10 seeds for $10!!! :wink:


I guess I’m slow as well as backwards.

What do you mean?


I’m Canadian. Thanksgiving is Oct 10. That is all I was referring to. Already had my thanksgiving.


well then,… Happy belated Thanksgiving!! Guess you have to take one for the team and burn one for us too, lol.


You had your thanksgiving already, well that’s no reason to call us azz backwards… Happy Halloween too or is it the last of the month lol…


Oh. I know the history of our Thanksgiving, what event does your holiday commemorate?