Happy legal day in Canada bong recommendations


To celebrate moving out of the dark ages and legalizing our favourite green friend I’ve decided to get myself a new bong. Historically I’ve been joint guy but I’ve enjoyed using a silicone bong for the past year and it’s time to take it up a notch.

I’m not concerned with the art glass, so scientific glass I guess? I just want a good smoke (obvi), good value, and easy cleaning, with a price point under $150 cad.

If there’s a popular and proven ‘model’ out there that’s what I’m looking for. If there isn’t such a thing, maybe I can get some recommendations on the best place or brand to order from.



I’m in the market too. I’d think for 150 you can get a pretty killer piece. The high end stuff looks like they are a PITA to clean with all the chambers and diffusers. I’ll be watching to see what folks recommend. :v:


They have a lot of really nice rigs at grasscity .com. That would be my first place to look.


personally i love my pax3. all the toke with none the smoke


I go window shopping at dankstop. I bought a glass blunt from them, waaaay nicer than any other glass blunt I’ve ever seen or used. They have tons of bongs/water pipes & their site is easy to navigate.


Good call on grasscity, nice site and good prices from what I can tell. I found this little beauty there, it gets the most and the best reviews. I’m leaning this way but if there’s a reason I’m missing that this one isn’t a good call please let me know :slight_smile:


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Oh, that’s a nice one!

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Well, I went with the grasscity 6 arm perc and grabbed a nice little bowl that has a built in filter. I’ll happily share the review of its performance once it gets here :smiley:

Thanks for the help everyone!

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elaborate on the pax3 please…i’m curious.


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found it thanks…looks like a great rig! pros-cons?

its a quality build. ive had mine for several months. i love it. its not the same high as a bong rip, but it doesnt deposit ash in your lungs.

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yea,i need to start vaping because i have copd…they say anyways

Whatevee you do stay away from the ten thousand different chambers with a million different holes etc. All that equals a really tough initial draw and aint as smooth as a straight chute.

Make sure you look closely at what you are getting…
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I was looking at one of the combo packs from grass city. Like this

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Yeah, I was sooo tempted by those bundles, I’m all about the deals!

But then I talked myself down and realized I didn’t need half of the stuff in the bundle, so I focussed on the bong. If you can use it all then they seem like a crazy good deal

Yeah that’s where I’m at. There’s a few things that I wouldn’t need use but still seems like a good deal. I’ll probably buy myself it for Christmas lol.



try this site for your bong…awesome place check it out


That’s where I ordered from! Good advice, thanks :slight_smile: