Happy Holidaze 420

Happy 420 I went to my local shop got a nice goodie bag Some Edibles. I was surprised that they just got some Monkey Paw It was a strain that was infamous where i grew up everyone wanted to smoke it and now 27 years later i finally get to smoke it. I got to watch some cool glass blowing at the event. Was a wonderful day.


That sounds like a dream come true great story on your day today! Sounds like a blast

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It was pretty special. I past up the local dispensary to go to this place. They just have very nice product and the prices are great to its just a pain to drive 20 minutes to get there. When i have another dispensary 3 minutes away that i can walk to if needed. It just totally sucks i just don’t like to drive when i am high and i have to pick up my daughter from work at 9 but i will be blazing when i get home for the evening.