Happy frog soil?

Hi guys and gals,
My seedlings were started in HF potting soil but I read that that soil will not work for an entire grow. Is that true?
Also can I use worm castings to amend the soil? I have a big bag of HF soil and have started 4 plants in solo cups intending to transplant.
Thanks all for your info.


Not familiar with the product. Can you provide a picture of the bag?

FFHF is good soil; a little mild compared to the Ocean Forest and likely will need the addition of nutrients at some point.

Worm castings are a great additive and the plants love it.


I use Happy frog from start to finish, but I also use the fox farms trio of nutes as well. Iv had good results.


Good to know! Thanks for the info. I’ll look into the FF trio and deff get some worm poop.

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I started in Ocean Forest in 1 gal pots and when I tranplanted to 3 gal I made a mix of 60% Ocean Forest, 30% Happy Frog, and 10% Bu’s blend compost. Also used Great White Myco to promote root growth.

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Thanks for the welcome basementstealth.
I will be transplanting into 3 gal cloth pots so I will need more soil. I’ll get some FFOF and mix it in as well as some worm castings.

Are you planting autos or photos?
You have probably already transplanted by now… Sry

At what point do you start using your neutrients

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I usually make it to week 5 or so. Depends on the strain.

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A friend of mine is growing and he tells me he has to dump his soil every time from his indoor pots. Is it possible for him to treat the same soil before he starts a new growth cycle using the same soil. If so, what would you recommend? GD

No it’s not true. I grew a Sour Diesel last cycle entirely in HF and she turned out great.

My partner in growing uses HF soil for his entire grow and absolutely loves it. It works very well for him and he uses it in both his grow rooms and greenhouse. Just be careful because it holds water very well. Just like the coco coir that I use, you can go 2-3 days without watering.