Happy frog soil when do I start to fertilize seedlings

I just started my first seedlings. I’m using happy frog soil only. They are 1 week old and look good. I have autoflowers. I bought the fertilizer and seeds from this site. The fertilizer says to use in seedling stage week 1 and week 2 then go to the others stages through growth. I’m confused whether to use the seedling fertilizer as the chart says to do it in 1 week and as I read some folks say not to. Please help me if I should begin with this seedling fertilizer or wait and when is a good time. My seedlings are 1 week born now. Thanks this is my first grow

Happy Frog has plenty of nutrients for your plants to feed on for at least 4 weeks from the last time you transplant them.

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Some people don’t like to add ferts for a few weeks and that would be fine. When using Happy Frog (Happy Frog doesn’t have as much nutes in it unlike the Ocean Forest which has a lot of nutes in it). I like to start with real weak ferts a week after they sprout as they do grow faster with a little help. But think along the lines of “less is more”, don’t want to OD them, just a little tiny bit, way less than whatever the package says even for week 1 dosage, maybe try 1/4 or even 1/8 strength.


Okay great thank you very much.

Thanks very much I was afraid to start out with the hotter soil as a beginner lol. The girls look great at 1 week old. I have the bergmans fertilizer in the beginner kit I from here. Also when should I start my inline filter ventilation? Right now I’m running a fan to circulate but have the filtration ready to go to turn on. It’s staying 75 degrees and humidity is around 50% I keep my thermostat on 75 degrees24/7. I wasn’t seeing anywhere on forum as to when to turn this on. I guess I was just waiting for when the girls start smelling their aroma before I ventilate the odor out. I don’t know

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You’ll make decisions on the fly about your ventilation based on managing your temp and humidity.

Temp is good. I keep my humidity for vegging plants a little higher.

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Welcome !The fan for a little air movement is great. I agree. I would wait on exhaust fan. Till you get into veg stage. At that point you will need to maintain negative pressure inside tent and exhaust hot stale air and pull in fresh air. Good luck with your grow.


You can run your inline fan now just don’t need to hook up the carbon filter until you are in flower and need to control the smells.
By running it now you can see how the environment reacts and adjust accordingly. Do you have a control dial for speeding up/slowing down the inline fan? They are inexpensive and really come in handy as you can adjust the outflow higher or lower depending on temps/humidity etc

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Here is a chart to reference for temps relating to humidity and what stage growth they are in…

Hope this helps and any other questions shout out and we will help and welcome to the forum