Happy Frog Soil: Bruce Banner Autoflowers

I just received beautiful Bruce Banner autoflowers and I have 5 gallon buckets from Ace Hardware. I also brought home 2 bags of Happy Frog, along with a bag of Mother Earth soil.

I need a little help deciding which soil would be the best option for placing the germinated babies into. Should I put the seeds directly into their lifetime pot?

Many thanks to such a beautiful and friendly community :slight_smile:


Not familiar with Mother Earth but happy frog is excellent


If you can get your hands on fabric pots (ebay) much more forgiving on over watering. From my experience happy frog will work great with your autos. Mother Earth also Cannabis friendly soil I just have not used it.


Which variety of Mother Earth did you get? I use their Coco Peat. I’ve used the Terracraft and Groundswell as well.