Happy frog and ocean forest!

Is this mixture okay for GSCE autos? In a five gallon fabric pot?


Just use the ocean forest on the bottom and happy frog on top.
By the time the plant grows thru the hf it will be large enough to handle the extra nutes in the of.
Edit. Are you doing it in layers ?



You doing 50/50? It’ll be fine… Or you could just use one or the other… Ocean Forest is a bit hotter… Ive started seeds in both… Personal preference really. Nice username by the way @Braadbuds4life420 :laughing: guess all of us brads think alike huh lmao


I just forgot I used a sohum, happy frog, ocean forest mix.

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Maybe throw some perlite in that mixture to help out with drainage, good luck

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@Braadbuds4life420 I would put the FFOF on bottom. I would then top dress with FFHF. This is how I do it. I make sure there is at least 4” deep of FFHF.

This will give your seed a better chance to survive the hot FFOF. I use only Fox Farm products.

@Kingkupa Since he is using fabric bags, the soil stays loose from my experience. But I use 15 gallon ones and the soil is loose and I didn’t
add a thing. :+1::+1::+1:

Thank you good to know

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Here is a mix for you ok you need strawberry Fields soil ocean Forest and happy frog ,now put some strawberry field’s in the bottom of ur pot half foot deep or less then mix se happy frog and ocean Forest in another container a gallon of ocean forest and three gallons of happy frog and mix together once you have done that put that mix on top the gallon strawberry Fields and ur done see the happy frog calms down the ocean Forest coz the ocean Forest soil is too hot and the strawberry Fields is there for when it starts to flower

I was a cheapskate and only got ffof and no problems with it being too hot

Your buffer zone of milder happy frog on top should be just right for a smooth grow

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Trust me FFOF is hot. Been using it for 3 years. I use Autos to deplete the nutrients out of the soil. I have had many seeds die and others have thrived in the new soil. It really comes down to the strain. :+1::+1::+1:

My Tora Bora from Pacific Seeds absolutely loved the new soil.

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I suppose I have got lucky :four_leaf_clover: