Happy first birthday to my plant

Hi guys
I am in Victoria, Australia and planted my crop this time last year.
All but one plant happily did it’s thing and created a divine crop :joy:
One plant didn’t bud until half way thru winter and now it is spring here, it is starting to grow again. Just harvested a couple branches and it is a smooth lovely tasting plant but not much stone, so the trichomes didn’t develop
Any ideas on what to do with the plant?
Does anyone think it is worth pursuing with it???
Has any one else had a plant that just wants to grow and not be smoked hehehe?
All last season it was fed all the correct things just like the others, should I just go back to nitrogen as if it is a new plant??
So many questions, mainly out if curiosity
TIA :grinning::grinning::grinning:


This plant has been alive fro a year? It budded and then re vegged and survived? Is that correct?


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That’s what it looks like. Never finished flower and has revegged. Curious how it will play out. That could be a monster tree by next winter lol


I know it’s just unheard of in my part of the world due to freezing temperatures lol


Couple of options here:
Trim it back.
Trim it all the way down to just a few branches and leaves.
Or leave it and see what kind of new growth you get out of it.

If you leave it, when if comes time to chopping in fall, I would probably chop only the new growth, sounds like the trichomes haven’t developed enough. These parts may never develop more trichomes.

All of this is a experiment, I can’t recall anyone that left a plant to survive, and the survive again. I’ve seen stumps come back to life. Never an entire plant.

Happy growing.


That is correct @Nicky …albeit small buds and all the fan leaves stayed on

As you can see by the photo, the winter frosts burnt the tips of the fan leaves

Sure one tough plant

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How do you feed it…for the veg or the flower…never seen this before
Alas it is in a pot too small for it now…think I will keep it for curiosity value if nothing else, tho it better not turn on me lol

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Thanks for that info it got a small trim just to see it’s value
It must be a tough plant to survive the winter and the frosts :smile:

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First thing, clone her. She’s a survivor. :sunglasses:


That’s not a bad idea…it’s the perfect time to do it here in Oz
Have never cloned my dope, what size branch do I take??

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