Happy customer!


Very pleased with this ilgm. My order made it to the United States in about a week. I had trouble with some of the Big Bud seeds and they sent more immediately. Super great and fast support. I was very skeptical at first, but very happy and trust Olga greatly. I do wish they could use PayPal instead of bitcoin.


I’ve had nothing but good experiences with ilgm. Top notch


Yup absolutely the best seeds genetics and people from the staff members to all the growers on the forum
This is home for sure
Happy growing @dave68


Agreed. Once my dad/I found this site I fell in love with it. The quality of information and members is second to none. I’ve also made 3 successful orders through ilgm. I love their seeds and their customer support. Overall a great experience for me too. Have a nice day


My last order was delivered to east coast USA 12 days, which included Memorial Day weekend. Cap One CC payment went thru without issue once I verified charge.

ILGM getting better at payment processing n delivery times, previous orders have had payment and/or shipping issues.

Genetics are good, QC on seeds shipped could be better, range from ready to germinate to looking less than promising, I’ve received seeds i wouldn’t ship, looked small and lifeless. Sometimes those seeds surprise n germ n grow, usually fail to germ or germ n stall.
Over many orders Fem photo n AF germ rate avg 90%, soak in ph corrected water method, survival rate avg 80%. I can work with that.

I’ll order again.


I had 9 out of ten Big Bud seeds fail to germinate but also have Amnesia Haze and Chocolope that I’m having good luck with.


The SSHs are going outside soon, maybe the heat n humidity will make them :slight_smile:, daily highs 85-95° F, daytime dewpoints 65°F + and nighttime relative humidity normally 80%+, uncomfortable to be outside between noon and 6 pm.

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I had a little issue with my most recent order. Sent an email that night and had everything resolved the next morning. Great customer service!


I’ve had the same great experience with ilgm customer service myself. Excellent company. I found them to be very trustworthy. I even send cash and it works like a charm.


After experiencing a 75 to 25 percent ratio on male to female plants sprouted from seeds collected from a few friends, I decided to try purchasing some feminized seeds from ILGM. I received my order within 10 days! Needless to say I am very happy with the service and speedy delivery. Will post later with details of my growing experience.