Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Sitting here in my easy chair, having enjoyed some WW and a cold beverage. We taught a huge spread of grilled pork, shrimp, and chorizo a lesson for dinner. Tomorrow we celebrate my youngest’ birthday. What a great weekend so far!


Sounds like a good time to me! Best wishes for the bday too.

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<Must… Resist… Titanic… Joke… Think… Fluffy… Kittens>

It’s a day late by my time zone, but hope you enjoyed yesterday and the sun shines upon you as much as it is here in Belgium right now.

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@astrocreep I got in trouble with my wife since I forgot to buy tequilla for the holiday. I stepped up my game and invented a new drink instead.

Cannito has been born. Just make a regular mojito, but when muddling the mint throw some fresh sugar leaves in too. Garnish with a fan leaf. It’s delicious and will f u up.


Happy 5 de mayo everyone!! A day late hah haa