Happy birthday to my triplets there names,aha,blubbery auto,n.l. Auto


Good morning I am starting.a grow journal ,amnesia haze auto,blueberry auto and northern lights auto.started one bean each after 24 hours in root riot under a dome w/heat mat all three poped yea ilgm beans nl was the show off but the other 2 soon followed this will be a coat closet grow in soil so let the adventures begin with quality smoke being the end this will be my second grow


Watch for streaching if the start to streach move lights closer
Pot those sprouts as soon as you see roots coming from starter pod


Well here are the triplets one week from popping all root riots in 3 gallon pots and in the closet on 18 6 watered yesterday w 6.2 water nl poped first but blueberry will be the first to show second set of leaves


Here we are day 14 from birth now in the 3 leaf mode all the girls loookng. Good

the ladies are getting 1/2 liter water every third day


Now 21 days from birth on 18/6 veg lights and first dose of Nutes yesterday 1/4 strength flora micro,grow,and bloom


Now 28 days from seeds the little ladies are growing and looking good they are now under full spectrum lights 16” above .they are now getting low doses of flora ,micro grow and bloom thanks for looking


Day 35 from seed got a slight hint. Of Nute burn so I will add water only for next week or two

blueberrry 16” starting flower site amnesia haze 14” starting flower sites northern lights 12” tall no flower ste yet