Happy 420....Weed Weed Weed everywhere

SunBud Solutions’ contribution to the 420 holiday…

A celebration of botanical research and weed enthusiasm encapsulated in a Google Map showing all of the places the world’s scientists have collected data about weed in the wild! Enjoy!

The image below is static…click the link to get to the interactive/zoomable Google Map.


Welcome to the forum @kevinSunBud & hope u had Happy 420 day.


Ha! Only 3 places here in Nepal? I think they are a bit light on dots over at SunBud. But interesting map none the less… see here (Need help here in Nepal, my Hero has Epilepsy) for my particular “wild weed” identification dilemma in Kathmandu.

These cannabis plants they have found around the world did they test the strain content? was some of them missed overt crops!! or genuine wild cannabis growth?
Very interesting though

Sorry about your dog…hope he feels better. You live in a beautiful spot! There are lots more wild cannabis plants all over the world beyond what’s on this map…the map only indicates sightings that were made by scientists who chose to record the sightings in the GBIF database.

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thx @kevinSunBud, the map is great info we should know.