Happy 420 everyone. Growing With Fishes Aquaponic Cannabis Podcast Episode 37 4/20 Episode

I am hoping you all are having a great day. Me; I am alone again. Alone on Xmas, alone on my birthday, and now alone on 420.

What are the rest of you doing?

Things are looking up. I was invited to join this podcast. byAquaponic Dumme, and Steve Dredd who runs this show, which is followed by growers in 151 countries at last count. Happy 420! :slight_smile:

We ha several interesting guests, talking aboubeating cancer, and how chemo and Cannabis helped. We had a Veteran talk about Cannabis helping him after the War. We talked about all kind of interesting Aquaponic methods and how to build an aquaculture using minerals and other ingredients for bio control. I talked about what Dumme and I are building (Supply store and LIVE chat), And we discussed ILGM and Robert’s genetics. Quilt a show.

This show was a bit more loosely moderated than normal but, it was a blast. Tons of knowledge in this podcast for those of you who want to go beyond normal growing methods.

My 420 turned out great. Hope you listen; I am sure you will enjoy it. :smiley: lw


I’m with you on the Solo train brother, happy 4/20 have a good one.


As long as you have your ladies you’re never alone. :slight_smile:


I did my part handed out buds papers and bovida packs at work and rushed to be finished by 4


I am joining Dumme in a LIVE 420 podcast called “Growing with Fishes” on youtube I thiink. Steve Dredd’s podcast.


Here is the link of the podcast Dumme and I are attending; If you want to listen to the different speakers.

All have aquaponic pages


I think ill tune in for a bit…

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Everyone should listen in for some great social commentary, and a lot of advanced grow knowledge. Peace