Happy 1st Harvest To Me! My 2 Auto-Girls Made Me Proud!

Made it through my 1st grow!!! :star_struck: With lots of help from so many great people here at ILGM, a lot of… research, diligence & devotion … TLC … and above all ‘listening to my plants’. Even with all that in the mix it wasn’t all easy-breezy–not by a long shot… each of the ladies had their own sets of issues and there were plenty of mistakes made on my part. I didn’t keep my online journal updated so am including pic’s here to show/recap details.

The grow was 2 Auto’s; WW & GG#4 in Hydroponics/DWC Bubbler (1 gallon buckets)… 3x3x6 Tent… Meizhi 450W LED Reflector Series… GH FloraDuo Nutes, ArmorSi, CalMag. Medium; grodan/hydroton in 3" netpots.

GG & WW… Early on

GG & WW… last night together as roomies

Combined Dry Weight Yields: 450 grams
[Buds: 170g … Leaves: 280g]

WW was the 1st to harvest @ 90 days old/9 weeks in flower!!! She’s my favorite :kissing_heart: … amazing smoke and made some potent canna oil.
Her dry weight yield; 145 grams (60g of bud).

WW ready for the cut after being on ice & in darkness 48 hours.

This bud’s for you :smile:

Brownies Anyone?? :wink:

WW Coconut Canna Oil

WW in her jars

GG: 112 Days Old/9 Weeks In Flower; was a two-part harvest as I wanted her lower half to mature a bit more. She had A LOT of issues starting early with the taproot growing outside of grodan cube…she was super stunted for nearly a month… had root rot, rust mold… in late bloom got infested (quickly) with fungus gnats in roots, and, she ‘hermied’ 2 weeks before harvest & never developed a center cola! But she was hell bent on surviving and that she did!!! My largest yielder of the two.

Dry Weight Yield (part 1 & 2 combined): 305 grams (110g bud)… over twice the amount my widow produced.
Part 1 Of Harvest

A Lotta Weed! :clap::smiley:

GG Part 2 Of Harvest

GG manicured verses uncut

GG Right before harvest… note: ‘no center cola’… the 3 largest showing here is what I topped on her.

A GG Cola… She’s beautiful… her smoke is potent but too much Indica in this phenotype for my liking… makes super oil & edibles tho!!!

GG recap of some issues dealt with during the grow… many began once she was in late flower.
GG on right… here she’s 28 days in veg… so stunted I didn’t think she would make it.

Her sudden explosive growth surprised the hell out of me! She grew her very own jungle in tent once she got it all to herself lol

GG a few days before harvest… she grew into a heavy girl… she literally bulked up during sleep one night… found her toppled over upon opening tent one day!! She really pulled some ‘unexpected’s’ on me!

Below are a few issues which showed up in late flower

Diseased Leaves… research indicated I was dealing with ‘rust mold’.

If in fact rust mold it set sights on the sugar leaves more so than power leaves

After discovering fungus gnats in tent and inside bucket I began finding leaves like these daily.

I found the dreaded unthinkable … hermied on 2 sides of plant with 2 weeks to go till harvest.

I popped open a couple ball sacks (far from grow room)…

Next day found pollen spill on couple of leaves…

This grow was a remarkable journey for me… it has truly enriched my spirit. Through all of the curveballs tossed in… mistakes made… I’m so ready for Grow 2 … it’s in germination right now… this time all “feminised photo’s” and I’m bringing lessons learned from the first go round with me. :wink:

Thanks again everyone for all of your guidance, encouragement and awesome information on helping me with my very first grow from start to finish.

MLHAR/Much Love, Honor, and, Respect,


Congrats on first harvest!!!
There is nothing like harvesting your own plant.

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Hey, when you top, you will not get a center cola, per se, so all was normal, there.

Did you harvest the GG early b/c it hermied?

Ready for your next grow? :blush:

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I think you got my last like for today! Congratulations on your first harvest. Great work. It looks incredible, enjoy it!

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Thank you Sirsmokes. I loved every second of my grow… and when I started seeing those buds stacking I was in 7th heaven… got my second grow germinating right now :smiley:


It’s addicting

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Thanks so much for checking out my harvest … damn that was fun so figured I’d do it again… got my 2nd grow germinating :grinning:

I let GG run the full course and that girl was a real warrior… she wanted to keep going LOL. When the pollen spilled there was only a week left until harvest so I just let her do her thing. That one was a handful! I almost tossed her early on due to a lot of strange issues but each time I set the day to remove her she would surprise me with a reason to keep her going…she literally wore me out :dizzy_face:

GG truly had no center cola… I topped right when she was in early flower… there we 3 cola’s formed and nothing in the center (she was a real strange lady lol). But at 28 days she looked to be a ‘twin’ which others said it could be that or her stem split during her germination problems so I guess that could be the reason for no center cola??

Thanks elheffe for the congrats, the nice compliment and giving me your last like :kissing_heart:

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Congratulations on your first harvest and you should be proud ! … GG is on my list .

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Thank you Seeddog and my apologies for taking so long to respond… am in grow 2 and having a nightmare … getting ready to post in support forum. Hope you enjoy a fantastic grow with your GG … make sure you’ve got extra pruners n snips because that lady will wreak havoc with her resin lol :wink: